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The Spew is a FAB Member#26 The Spew

The Spew follows the life and musings of humor writer Diana Davis. From justifying polygamy so she can go out drinking with the girls while her sister wives pick up the slack at home, to inventing the word douchepaste, fancy toothpaste for pretentious people, The Spew is the place readers... ...
Votes 52 Visits 166 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

#27 Ripped Jeans & Bifcoals

Unfiltered perspective on life, parenthood and adoption. Easy recipes for busy people. "I don't have all the answers but the question should always... ...
Neutral Votes 51 Visits 37 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

#28 FIT BFFs

Focus, Inspiration and Transformation (FIT) putting our Best Foot Forward (BFF). I'm a 40-something wife & mom with strong desire to live happy &... ...
Neutral Votes 47 Visits 74 Comments | Cat: Health & Fitness Blogs

Organic Parenthood is a FAB Member#29 Organic Parenthood

Parenting and raising kids in a green and natural lifestyle. Organic recipes, natural healing, healthy living reviews. Practical Parenting Tips. ...
Votes 45 Visits 155 Comments | Cat: Eco-Friendly Blogs

#30 For the love to

all parenting lifestyle, product review & travel lover ...
Neutral Votes 44 Visits 26 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#31 Diaries of a Working Mommy

I empower working moms to live their best life by sharing tips on career and personal development, parenting and healthy living. I am an avid foodie ...
Up Votes 44 Visits 57 Comments | Cat: Working Mom Blogs

#32 Healthy Happy Thrifty Family

I blog about family, healthy living and the occasional awesome deal! ...
Down Votes 43 Visits 29 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#33 Let's learn with style

Let's learn with style is about learning in creative fun ways, crazy family adventures and sharing experiences. Please join us on our adventures and... ...
Down Votes 43 Visits 43 Comments | Cat: Homeschool Blogs

#34 Everyday Eileen

A blog relating to recipes that are healthy, taste great and and family friendly! Any fun finds and favorite things relating to family, fitness, and... ...
Down Votes 42 Visits 14 Comments | Cat: Food & Drink Blogs

Partys2playdates is a FAB Member#35 Partys2playdates

A mommy blog describing the good, the bad, and the ugliness of mommy-hood Details my journey with postpartum depression, and the craziness of now having 2 boys under 3. ...
Votes 41 Visits 40 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

#36 What Faith Can Do

A blog about Faith, family and farming ...
Neutral Votes 40 Visits 21 Comments | Cat: Spiritual & Religious

#37 Southern Momma's Reviews

My blog focuses on product reviews and giveaways. Mostly for mothers and children, but every now and then a few daddy things get thrown in! I also... ...
Down Votes 39 Visits 46 Comments | Cat: Shopping & Review Blogs

#38 Parenting From the Heart

My blog is based on a little bit of research, a little bit of instinct, and a whole lot of love! Join me as I DIY and learn as I go parenting my two... ...
Down Votes 38 Visits 34 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#39 Mother's Circle

Perspectives on parenting, pregnancy through teens, from a Mom of three, doula and birth educator. Realistic, encouraging writing on the adventures... ...
Up Votes 38 Visits 25 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#40 The Naptime Reviewer

The Naptime Reviewer is a family, travel, life and style website . We offer tips, tricks and reviews of our favorite brands, destinations and... ...
Down Votes 36 Visits 83 Comments | Cat: Shopping & Review Blogs

#41 The Enigma

40 something chronically ill Mother of two grown sons who, in a bizarre twist of fate are now taking care of her. Oh ... wait .... is that what I... ...
Up Votes 35 Visits 27 Comments | Cat: Single Parent Blogs

#42 The Good Enuf Mommy

The Good Enuf Mommy, is a mom, a wife and an educator living in Calgary, AB. Tired of never feeling “good enough” as a new mom, she began a blog to... ...
Neutral Votes 34 Visits 63 Comments | Cat: Working Mom Blogs

#43 Life With Blondie

I'm the zoo keeper! 7 kids, 5 dogs, a cat, 2 turtles, a cockatiel and a partridge in a pear tree! Ok there's no pear tree, but this journey has... ...
Down Votes 34 Visits 70 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

#44 Working Mom Magic

I'm a working mom blogging about my kids, my attempt to get fit & 'Eat Clean', all while trying not to get fired from my job. I love wine, coffee, my... ...
Neutral Votes 32 Visits 93 Comments | Cat: Working Mom Blogs

#45 An American Housewife

My personal food and recipe blog started in 2006 grew a life of its own. I'm just a wife and Mom who shares my cooking adventures, product reviews... ...
Up Votes 32 Visits 36 Comments | Cat: Food & Drink Blogs

Work it, Working Mom is a FAB Member#46 Work it, Working Mom

Im old to be a millienial and too young to complain about the intricacies of Facebook. I blog about my two young girls and our successes and funny failures. Im a very proud working mom and blog to ALL moms. Its the sweet, awful and funny moments that allow moms to make it work. ...
Votes 32 Visits 109 Comments | Cat: Working Mom Blogs

#47 Our Everyday Harvest

Blogger and blessed mom Read along as I share my stories about life and motherhood, frugal tips, recipes, reviews, and more ...
Neutral Votes 31 Visits 34 Comments | Cat: Shopping & Review Blogs

Another cookie, please! is a FAB Member#48 Another cookie, please!

Not a cookbook, as the title might imply, (although I do share some family and party favorites on my website) Blog is what I call "A Plateful of Life"! Much of my writing comes from an almost-finished book of memoirs about being a caregiver to my late mother during her battle with... ...
Votes 31 Visits 51 Comments | Cat: Everything Else

The Walking Mombie is a FAB Member#49 The Walking Mombie

I have so much I want to share with you Im here to make life out of what I love, and what I love most is motherhood, blogging photography. Im passionate about The Walking Mombie, and I truly believe that passion is relayed back to my readers through the innovative and exciting content I... ...
Votes 31 Visits 70 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#50 Aga in America - life of a Polish girl in the USA.

I write about being a stay at home mom of two girls whos struggling with a gene mutation, about our lifestyle and diet thats different than most... ...
Up Votes 30 Visits 25 Comments | Cat: Stay At Home Blogs
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