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#101 The Screenwriters Wife

Living in L.A. wmy writer husband our two young kids, I blog about keeping my marriage, family life - and sanity - intact while patiently waiting... ...
Down Votes 5 Visits 7 Comments | Cat: Marriage Blogs

#102 multipletales

SAHM to 4. Twins included in that ratio! ...
Up Votes 5 Visits 8 Comments | Cat: Twins & Multiples Blogs

#103 A Striving Parent

A blog for parents passionate about racial and social justice and striving to raise socially conscious kids ...
Down Votes 5 Visits 5 Comments | Cat: Political & Activism Blogs

The Grumpy Mommy is a FAB Member#104 The Grumpy Mommy

Lifestyle and parenting blog from a married, working mother of twins. I love to share information I think may be useful or interesting to other parents as well as share some personal stories. ...
Votes 5 Visits 33 Comments | Cat: Working Mom Blogs

#105 Oak City Folk

A journey through DIY, parenthood, and adventures in our 70s era home. ...
Up Votes 5 Visits 8 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

#106 Doodle T

A Lifestyle Blog for Finding Magic Every Day ...
Up Votes 5 Visits 2 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#107 Found Frolicking

This blog follows my journey in motherhood, and my attempts in raising my son “granola." There will be product reviews, recipes, DIY's,... ...
Up Votes 5 Visits 10 Comments | Cat: Eco-Friendly Blogs

#108 Juggling Snapshots

I started this blog as a means to showcase all the pieces of me. Juggling Snapshots is a place where I will share my best moments and attempts to... ...
Down Votes 5 Visits 6 Comments | Cat: Working Mom Blogs

#109 Love, JulieBug

I'm a thirty-something blogger navigating my way through college, family life, and just life in general. I also have reviews and giveaways. Join me! ...
Up Votes 5 Visits 6 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#110 Love, Life, Laugh, Motherhood

A simple blog focusing on being a Mom, a Wife, and just a Person sometimes. I enjoy writing about my new journey into motherhood, with topics on... ...
Down Votes 5 Visits 10 Comments | Cat: Stay At Home Blogs

#111 Kingdom First Homeschool

My passion is Encouraging other Mamas and Homeschooling Mamas Sharing tips Free or Frugal Homeschooling Resources. ...
Down Votes 5 Visits 6 Comments | Cat: Homeschool Blogs

#112 JenOnLife: Find Balance in Life

This blog is a journey that I’m taking with you to help keep our lives in balance because when it’s in balance we are living to our full potential. ...
Down Votes 4 Visits 21 Comments | Cat: Everything Else

#113 Mama By Fire

All about life as a stay at home mom with two little one's in Seattle. Including why it's the best and worst job I've ever had. And of course some... ...
Up Votes 4 Visits 8 Comments | Cat: Stay At Home Blogs

#114 Raising Fairies and Knights

a mom of two trying to stay sane while running a household, working part-time from home and looking after her baby, toddler and husband. ...
Down Votes 4 Visits 12 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

#115 ButeauFull Chaos

Product reviews, parenting, being a mom, empowering woman, work at home parents, children's issues (Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities) family... ...
Down Votes 4 Visits 4 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#116 100 Things 2 Do

A home and lifestyle blog featuring crafts, DIY, recipes, cleaning and fun with kids ...
Up Votes 4 Visits 11 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

#117 Pink Checklist

A blog to keep it real, while inspiring moms to take care of themselves in the easiest and quickest way possible! ...
Down Votes 4 Visits 13 Comments | Cat: Health & Fitness Blogs

#118 The Flower Duet

Mother and daughter fashion, parenting, food, and lifestyle blog! ...
Down Votes 4 Visits 3 Comments | Cat: Fashion & Style Blogs

#119 Starting Over ... Again

Writing about easy ideas to organize the home, favorite recipes/crafts/DYI, teenage daughters, and life. I am a widow with two daughters who... ...
Down Votes 4 Visits 13 Comments | Cat: Single Parent Blogs

#120 This Beautiful Life

I have always been passionate about writing but have found my true passion in blogging. It is an intriguing, welcoming community and I love sharing... ...
Down Votes 4 Visits 5 Comments | Cat: Family Life Blogs

#121 The winter of our discontent

Writer by heart, advocate by choice, mother of a child with Cystic Fibrosis by, well I havent quite figured that out yet. This is the messy but... ...
Up Votes 4 Visits 9 Comments | Cat: Special Needs Blogs

#122 Mom Style Lab was created by a mom with the goal of inspiring moms to experiment with fashion and enhance their style to look and feel their best! ...
Down Votes 3 Visits 10 Comments | Cat: Fashion & Style Blogs

#123 Will Run For Ice Cream

My personal journey through running, being a mommy to a small toddler while training for distance races ...
Down Votes 3 Visits 11 Comments | Cat: Health & Fitness Blogs

#124 Living Well Spending Less

Join my adventure of finding the Good Life on a budget. Features money saving tips, delicious recipes, thrifty DiY projects, household tips, & so... ...
Down Votes 3 Visits 32 Comments | Cat: Frugal Living Blogs

#125 Sonyas Story A Journey With CDKL5

Sonya was diagnosed with a mutation on her CDKL5 gene when she was 2 months old. She began having seizures at 4 weeks and 3 days, and after genetic... ...
Up Votes 3 Visits 12 Comments | Cat: Special Needs Blogs

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