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Welcome to Top Mommy Blogs. Here we list popular mommy blogs and daddy blogs. We only list blogs that have had visitor interactions (via votes) over the last 30 days. This ensures you're seeing active blogs either by the author or their loyal fans.

How To Browse Blogs

There are several ways you can find & discover blogs. Let's start with the main ranking pages. 1, 2, 3, etc. They're called ranking pages because the display order is based on listing votes (from their readers) vs. alphabetical or sign up date.

The home page is where our most popular bloggers reside but by using the numbered page navigation surrounding the listings (top and bottom) you are able to browse page by page. Just because a blogger isn't on page #1 (the home page) doesn't mean they aren't worth visiting.

If you'd like to view blogs from a particular category, use the menu on the right or the category drop down located at the top of each page. When browsing categories, you can also re-order blogs on any particular page. Sorting works best on the category pages.

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Searching Blogs

Using the search box on the top of the page or visiting the search page to search for blogs is an excellent way to find blogs and bloggers. Just keep in mind, when you enter terms into the search box, all terms entered are searched for. So the more words you enter into the box, the more results your going to get. For example if you use the search term "TOP MOMMY BLOGS" you get results including any and all blogs that have a title, description, URL or username that includes any of those terms. You'll get blogs including top OR mommy OR blogs returned. The fewer and more unique words you use, the better.

The search page also has map to quickly search for blogs by state (US) or other location where we have active members.

How To Vote For Blogs

Voting for blogs mostly takes place on the actual blogs. To vote for your favorite blog, visit the blog and click the TMB banner which is normally located in a sidebar. When you click through the voting gateway (with yes or no options) and land on the TMB homepage, a box in the top right side will tell you if your vote has been counted or not. If you don't see a gateway page and are unable to case a vote, let us know or tell that blogger because something is wrong with their voting code or registration.

If the blogger is a FAB Club member (our upgraded featured bloggers) you can actually vote for them directly from their profile page. You'll see the below buttons for quick options including casting a vote.

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Leaving Comments

Commenting on a bloggers listing is a great way to support them but also helps spread the word about their blog. We use Disqus as a blogging platform that is easy to log in to and has great social networking and sharing features. Our comments are shared on all the listings and the more comment a blogger has, the more likely their comment will show up on another page... bringing their listing more attention.

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