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  • General Questions About Top Mommy Blogs

  • What Is Top Mommy Blogs?

    Top Mommy Blogs is a human edited and ranked mommy blog directory plus a blog community. All directory submissions are reviewed for inclusion to ensure members' blogs have a unique, mom-centric, personal, passionate and relative point of view. Blogs are ranked based on average monthly votes to determine ranking order (vs. alphabetical, date joined, etc). This allows us to display and sort blogs based on activity ensuring you're seeing fresh and current bloggers. 

    Since adding the Dad Blog category (TopDaddyBlogs.Com), Mommy usually means Mommy & Daddy.

    TMB also has a cool community area, called The Lounge, where you can chat with other mommy bloggers about blogging, marketing your blog, read other members questions about the TMB directory (that aren't answered below) and tons more.

  • How do you become a Top Mommy Blogs member?

    You sign up. There are some prerequisites that must be met before you'll be approved to the directory (such as having been blogging for at least 3 months) but it's a simple application which also builds your profile. While your blog needs to be approved for the directory, anyone can join the forum. The directory & forum, however, require separate registration/logins. Signing up for the directory does not give you membership to the forum and vice versa.

  • How Does This Site Work?

    Join us and create your blogs free listing Add the special member badge to your blog & start getting votes! Each unique click from your blog = 1 vote in Flaunt your voting link and improve your rank! Put your badge on your other websites, share with friends, tweet it, blog about it etc. The more you share, the better you do!:nohref shape= 3 steps to sign up for Top Mommy Blogs

    This directory is a reciprocal link directory where members are rewarded for their participation and activity. Meaning the member places a TMB badge (text link or banner) on their blog for visitors to click on to cast a vote. The more unique votes they receive the higher their rank.

    Each badge click prompts a gateway* page to TopMommyBlogs.Com where a visitor can "cast a vote" (or not) for that blog. Each unique vote helps boost that members ranking. Rankings are based on a monthly average,  not a tally, so new members always have a fighting chance from the get go.

    *The gateway page and other anti-cheating measures help keep our voting system fair and intentional.

  • How Do My Visitors Vote For My Blog?

    Voting is easier than most people think. A vote is simply a unique & intentional referral from your blog. (see faq above)

    Your visitors just click the banner or text link that you have placed on your blog that links to the the TMB homepage: or A gateway page will appear for the visitor to click yes or no (which makes casting a vote more obvious and intentional). Each day, that unique visitor is eligible to vote again.

    A vote confirmation will be shown on the TMB homepage after a visitor has passed through the gateway page selecting. A timer of when the next eligible vote will also be displayed along with social media share options.

    If you are a FAB member or viewing a FAB members profile, voting can be done directly from the profile page as well.

  • I'm A Daddy Blogger. Can I Join?

    Yes! In fact, we have special badges for our Dad bloggers and Dads can link to http://www.TopDaddyBlogs.Com instead. TopDaddyBlogs.Com directs daddy blog visitors directly to the Dad Blog category. It's like the man cave of TMB.

  • I can't ask for votes in a giveaway but can I ask for comments?

    Yes! As long as you direct a visitor directly to your profile page, it's not breaking any rules and a great idea.

    However, if you direct a visitor to the home page or to click your badge on your blog to get to your profile page, that's asking for a vote since voting takes place on the home page. 

    Linking to the TMB homepage or any page that triggers the voting gateway as a member is never allowed as a giveaway entry - mandatory option or not.

    • Link to comments on your profile:
      {replace username with your actual username}
    • Link to your profile page:
      replace username with your actual username}

  • Why Is The Coupon Category Segregated & How Is It Different

    While we all love coupon blog, so many that are submitted unfortunately do not contain enough Unique & Original Content to be accepted. So in order to incorporate some of these amazing coupon & freebie blogs (that are ran by and geared towards moms), we created a separate sub-site for it. Win Win! We also gave the section it's own URL (TopCouponMommyBlogs.Com), banners and a slightly different style. 

    Members who sign up for or are placed into the coupon category will not show up on the main ranking pages, only on the coupon pages. However, coupon members will qualify to be a Featured Blog on the all main ranking pages. Any votes for a coupon member are automatically redirected to the Coupon Category vs. the home page thus have a more direct exchange of traffic with other coupon blogs. Visitors will be able to access the coupon section from all the other pages, like any other category, but will have a more exclusive exchange of traffic.

    SUPER IMPORTANT FOR COUPON CATEGORY MEMBERS: If an admin moved your listing into the coupon category or you're approved into this category, DO NOT CHANGE IT! Since the coupon section allows for blogs that would have previously been rejected, if you move your blog out of this category with out permission, your blog may not fit the criteria of acceptable blogs for the main list and may be removed. No sneaking out! See more/comment about the Coupon Edition on it's discussion over at the TMB Lounge.

  • Signup & Edit Account Questions

  • How does the review process work?

    After you successfully create your account, your info will be sent into a queue for review. Depending on how many blogs are pending review, this could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. If you do not receive an email (check your spam folder) response from us with in 14 days, your blog was not accepted. Only approved blogs that meet the sign up requirements will receive notice.

    If you submitted your blog and you had less then 3 months in the archive (easily accessible) then you may reapply once you have met this requirement. This does not guarantee approval but you'll be eligible for review. 

  • Can I change my username?

    Sorry no. This is the only field that cannot be changed.

  • Can I add more than one blog?

    Yes! If you run multiple blogs, you can use one account to manage all of them. Use the Add A Blog link in the member menu to submit a new a seperate blog. Please DO NOT use this link to submit individual blog posts- those will just be deleted. The Add A Blog link is where you submit an entirely new blog (a new website) not individual posts. 

  • Can I add my blog to more than one category?

    At this time you may only choose one category. There are, however, several sorting and search options so make sure you fill out as much of your profile as possible in order to take advantage of these. For example, if you live in Florida, filling out the I'm Blogging From field will allow your blog to show up for people searching Florida via location or keyword search. Or if you accept requests for reviews, giveaways, guest posts, etc... check the PR friendly box so your blog will appear when sorted by PR friendly blogs.

  • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

    You are able to set a new password for your directory account by clicking here. Members who signed up before 2/2016 need to reset their passwords in order to log into the new system.

    If you're having a hard time logging in, keep in mind that the directory & forum require separate registration/logins. Signing up for the directory does not give you membership to the forum and vice versa. If you have forgot your forum/lounge login, visit here to go to the forum password reminder.

  • I forgot my username. How do I find it?

    Try searching for your blogs profile using your url like this: Don't include http://www or you'll too many results.

    You can also search for your blog using your suspected username, keyword or title. Keep in mind to use the fewest most unique terms possible since all search terms are returned in results. If your listing is active, you should be able to find it. Inactive listings (no votes) are not included in search results so this method only works if your blog his currently sending in votes. Keeping a TMB badge on your blog at all times help ensure your blog is always listed.

    If you find your blogs' profile page look at the browser bar and grab your username out of the link. It will look like this: --->  imablogger would be your username.

    If you are unable to remember your username or can't find it via a search, please contact us for help. Don't worry. Just because your blog isn't currenlty listed, doesn't mean your account was removed. It's likely just hidden from public view for being inactive. If you need a badge right away, there is one on the sign up page. Add it back to your blogs' sidebar and a vote will reactivate your account automaticly.

    Keep in mind that the directory & forum require separate registration/logins. Signing up for the directory does not give you membership to the forum and vice versa. If you have forgot your forum/lounge login, visit here to go to the forum password reminder.

  • Graphic & Banner Questions

  • How do I add a banner?

    You can add a banner after you are approved and logged into your account. Once logged in, from the member menu (top right; see image below) click the Upload Banner link.

    At the next page:

    • Select the blog you wish to upload the banner for (if you have multiple)
    • Click the Choose File button to open up an image select prompt
    • Choose the file from your computer you wish to upload and click the Upload button to import it to your listing

    Max size and dimensions will be given. If you have problems, check your dimensions and file size, it's likely too big (file size and/or dimensions).

  • How do I fix the error message when uploading a banner/profile pic?

    When uploading your blog's banner OR FAB avatar, there are 3 different dimensions that may trigger an error message (YOU HAVE EXCEEDED THE MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS) if they are too big. Size (file weight), height &/or width. 

    Above each upload button, the allowed maximums are given. Take for example the FAB avatar dimension max's: Max Size (KB) : 100; Max Width (pixels) : 150; Max Height (pixels) : 150. This means your banner can't be any larger than 150 x 150 px AND 150 kb. All 3 conditions must be met for upload. Also, keep in mind file type. Only image files can be uploaded (typically gif, jpg's or png files). Gifs & pngs are generally lighter (file weight/size) then jpgs so saving your image as gif or png automatically makes it a more web friendly image.

    Need help resizing your image? Try this free online tool: (or google "resize image online" for other generators). To make it easier, use the following pre-defined links to get you started:

    To resize your blog banner click here then follow & use the instructions below:

    1. Browse for your image on your computer
    2. Enter 100 for Max Filesize
    3. Click the Done button
    4. Choose the Save To Disk option to save it to your computer.

    To resize your FAB avatar click here then follow & use the instructions below:

    1. Browse for your image on your computer
    2. Enter 100 for Max Filesize
    3. Click the Done button
    4. Choose the Save To Disk option to save it to your computer.


  • Why is there A brown TMB banner where my banner or screenshot should be?

    If you see a brown Top Mommy Blogs icon banner (the default banner) in either the banner or screenshot position, or it's just empty entirely, that means you haven't either refreshed your screenshot (see next FAQ) or you haven't upload your 125 x 125 px banner yet.

    All members should take advantage of the screenshot. It's free for all members and greatly increases your visit rate (outs). Banners are a great way to brand your blog as well but these are optional.

  • How do I fix/refresh my screenshot?

    Screenshots are automatically created but sometimes need to be updated or fixed. You are able to request a screenshot refresh by logging into your account and clicking the Update Screenshot link from the member menu (top right- see image below). A new window will open and will automatically refresh your screenshot. If your screenshot is missing when being featured, black or displays the default brown TMB placeholder image try those steps to update your screenshot.

    Screenshots are used on member profile pages and for featured listings. Unless you are a FAB Club Member, you are not able to "upload" a screenshot. Only banners can be uploaded (see FAQ above for uploading a banner help). All screenshot updates are manually process so please allow a little time for yours to be approved.

    Update Screenshot

    Tips for a better screenshot:

    1. Disable any pop-ups momentarily while you refresh (temporarily while you hit refresh)
    2. Disable any sidebar plugins/widgets that slow page loading (temporarily while you hit refresh)
    3. Refresh your screen shot when you have a post with a great picture above the fold
    4. Speed up your page loading time. If your page takes longer than 5 seconds to load, it could effect your screenshot (ideas for that)


  • Why is my screenshot black?

    A black screenshot is the result of connection or DNS failures. This is not something we can "fix" on our end. It means if your link is correct, we are unable to connect with it to render a screenshot. Black screenshots are a common problem with Wix users due to DNS failures. Here are a few places you can test your blogs URL to check for DNS failures and report to your system administrator, host or platform support.

  • Why is my screenshot white?

    If your screenshots turns out white, it's usually due to a delayed connection due to slow page loading.

    • Your Listing & What To Expect

    • What Do Votes & Visits Mean?

      You'll see Votes & Visits on the listing cards (ranking pages) next to the comment count.

      On the listing cards, Votes refers to the votes in for the current month. A vote is a unique referral over the last 24 hours. Visits refers to people who have clicked through a members profile page to visit their blog. Only the blogs homepage link counts visits so any visits earned via feed links or social network links are not counted towards the total out link.

      Currently, ranks are based on a rolling monthly average while votes/visits are based on that month alone. It's not uncommon to see higher votes under a higher ranked blog.

    • I can't find my blog?

      On 1/27/2016 TMB migrated to a new system. No blogs were removed during this process nor were usernames changed but all blogs stats started fresh.

      Was you blog de·listed? Just like before, only active blogs continually receiving votes are listed. It only takes one vote to get listed but you need at least one vote every 30 days or your blog is de·listed. When this happens, you weren't removed or banished. Don't worry. Your listing is just hidden from public view until you resume activity and send start sending in votes again. It's an automatic process. You do not need to email to activate your account. Just make sure you have a working badge on your blog so your visitors can vote for you. Your test click should re-list your blog. As long as you leave the TMB badge up on your sidebar, it's very rare to become delisted.

      Here are a couple things to do/check when your blog has fallen off the ranks and is sleeping/hidden.

      1. Search with the fewest most unique word possible
        The search feature will search for all the words you enter into the search box and exclude common words. If you want to search for 'Impeccable Mommy' try using just 'Impeccable'. If you add mommy you'll get a ton of result. If your listing is active, this should help you find it.
      2. Do you have a TMB badge on your blog?
        If you don't give your members a way to vote (a badge or text link), you'll naturally be at zero.
      3. Is your current blog URL the same one you have registered in your account details?
        The system tracks votes based on your registered URL. If you move and don't tell us, we can't track you. 
      4. Is your blog URL HTTPS or reside in a sub-domain?
        All Wordpress.Com free hosted blogs are https. That pesky little s will require you to use a special voting code. As will housing your blog in a sub-domain. You can find that on the banner page or your account area.

      If you attempt to log and are unsuccessful, even after using the reset password function, then please email for help so we can check your account. But please log into your account first. A missing listing doesn't indicate a removed account.

    • I took the TMB banner off my blog. Can you reactivate my account?

      Accounts are atomically reactivated by your participation! If you would like your listing to be published again, you need to do a few things:

      1. Ensure you have a TMB badge on your blog (sidebar is best)
      2. Click your banner and make sure you see a voting gateway page
      3. Check that your blog URL the same one you have registered in your account details
      4. If your blog is an HTTPS blog, make sure to update your links to the special linking code found on the Links & Banners page

      It only takes 1 vote a month to remain listed so always have a TMB badge on your blog to ensure your blog stays listed. Inactive blogs are automatically unpublished after 30 days and may be removed entirely after 30+ days of inactivity if no TMB banner is found upon review.

      If you are unable to login to your account please contact us for assistance. (Try social media for a faster response than email).

    •  Why Do I Have Zero Votes?

      At the beginning of each month, your IN/Out number will start at zero and will quickly rise as usual. As long as your receiving votes from your blog (via your badge, links, signature banner etc) you'll raise like normal. Towards the beginning of the month all members will have lower votes.

      Besides the monthly, in/out refresh, there are a couple of reason why your listing will be showing zero votes or no activity at all. Here are the most common:

      1. Is there TMB badge on your blog?
        If you don't give your members a way to vote (a badge or text link), you'll naturally be at zero and eventually be removed from public view.
      2. Is your current blog URL the same one you have registered in your account details?
        The system tracks votes based on your registered URL. If you move and don't tell us, we can't track you. 
      3. Does your blog URL start with HTTPS or reside in a sub-domain?
        That pesky little S will require you to use a special voting code. As will housing your blog in a sub-domain. You can find that on the banner page or your account area.
  • My HTTPS or Wordpress Hosted Blog Isn't Tracking

    Correct. Wordpress hosted blogs are https vs. http. That extra s (secure) won't pass through the anti-cheating measures and a gateway/voting page will not appear. If your URL starts with HTTPS, which is the case for all Wordpress hosted blogs, you need to use a special voting code instead of The code will look like this (replace USERNAME with your actual username):

    You can find this on your link on your  Badges, Banners, Links & Widgets page in your account area. Of course use any of the banners as normal just make sure to replace with your voting link so the banners contain the correct linking code.

  • How often does the site reset?

    We use a monthly average for our rankings. We are experimenting a little right now with this setting so you may see a little flux but in general your rankings are based on your average votes for the current month.

  • How can I get my blog posts to show up on my profile page?

    Enter your RSS/Feed link field into your account details. Posts are no longer automatically added, you have to add your feed in order for posts to appear. An example blog feed will look like this:

  • Where are my stats?

    Your stats have been improved and moved to the bottom of your public profile page. There you will find daily, weekly, monthly, overall and quick info tabs.

  • Why are my stats public?

    Since rankings are done on a monthly average vs. a tally, having stats public is a way to lesson concerns or questions about rankings. Being able to see stats for bloggers doing better or simply surrounding your rank help ease any fears that something is wrong with your account.

    On the previous version, there was very little statistical information for members to see and/or compare which for some watching very closely, caused confusion and/or concern. Having a vote confirmation and lots of stats to see we hope will assure members and also encourage increased participation. Members can see if they are getting more or less voting activity and how it compares to their neighbors.

  • There's spam on my Disqus comment feed?

    If you see a comment that you feel is spam (an advertisement or solicitation vs. comment directed towards you), just flag it. This will hide it from your comment steam.

  • FAB Members & Featured Bloggers

  • How Do I Become A Featured Blog?

    Any ACTIVE* TMB member has a chance of being a Featured Member! After you are approved, you qualify. Featured members are randomly selected and change on every page.

    On each page three blogs are chosen as a featured blog. Two of the blogs are pulled from FAB members and one blog is regular member. To increase your chances of being featured, consider upgrading! Only FAB members are shown on mobile devices/views.

    *Active & listed bloggers qualify. If you haven't sent a vote in in the last 30 days, your no longer listed or active so keep that TMB badge up on your blog to remain listed.

  • What does being a FAB member mean?

    It means you're a premium Top Mommy Blogs member and have joined our Fabulous Awesome Bloggers Club. While all TMB members are awesome, FAB'ers get some extra perks like enhanced ranking cards, increased featured listing chances and mobile view featured listings. Lots more about being a FAB member including all the benefits and rates can be found here.

  • Can I still be a Featured Blogger if I'm not a FAB member?

    Yes! All our members are eligible. Your chances of being featured are greater if you're a FAB member and there are more spaces for FAB members.

    On each page three blogs are chosen as a featured blog. Two of the blogs are pulled from FAB members and one blog is regular member. To increase your chances of being featured, consider upgrading! Only FAB members are shown on mobile devices/ views.

  • Your Listing & What To Expect

  • What are "Referrals" on the profile pages & How do I refer other bloggers?

    When a visitor clicks a button from a TMB members sites, then joins TMB that will count as a "referral" if approved. It's automatic! Members don't need a special link if the referral came directly from the register domain, however, directions for obtaining a referral link is below to promote referrals away from your blog (ie newsletters & social media).

    There is a Referral section on each members profile that appears after a member has made a referral. The top 3 referrers (Top Recruiters) are also listed in the sidebar of every page. If you want to increase your referrals, on your blog, encourage other mommy or daddy bloggers to join with you. Each of your approved referrals get to be listed on your profile (which means extra exposure for them).

    To find your referral link for use off your blog:  Once you're logged in, use the member menu (top right; see image below) click the Banners, Badges & Widgets link.

    On the Banner Farm page:

    • Scroll down to the very end of the page
    • In the last form box, you'll find your Referral Link (will look something like this:
    • Use this Referral link on your blog, newsletters & social networks.
  • What are the Top Recruiters?

    The Top Recruiters shown on the right sidebar are the top 3 members who have referred the most members. There is also a Top Referrals page ranking option to display blogs in order of referrals.

    See the above FAQ for more info on referrals and how to boost yours.


Still have questions? Email us or get quick help via social media. Click here for contact options.

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