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Keep it easy
« on: Dec 23, 2014 @ 09:57 AM »
I work from 8:4:30 PM every day, however my daycare is 20 minutes from work, and my house is 20 minutes from daycare. I usually don't get in the door until 5:45 PM each night. Sometimes later on a Friday due to extra traffic.

We are looking to change this next year when the big sis starts school, but me and my husband are not quite in agreement yet. We really love our daycare provider, and my husband doesn't want to switch. But I digress.

Unless we have a really good dinner plan, and the baby is in a really good mood, I have to make quick and easy meals to ensure I can feed everyone in a timely manner. I used to feel bad that I don't have a nice home cooked meal on the table each and every night, without fail. But then I realized, my daughter is particular, and doesn't like a lot of the meals me and the hubby do. Also, the hubby doesn't get home until 8PM (on a good day) and won't eat until then.

Instead of beating myself up, I thought of some great easy meals to have on hand. As long as I can have at least one veggie, and possibly a small fruit, with each meal that is enough to get my daughter the nutrition she needs. So along with frozen broccoli from the microwave, left over rice, possibly raw carrots (the big sis likes those better than cooked, who would have thought, right?) and strawberries, grapes or apples, I usually make a killer "Mexican grilled cheese" (quesadilla, but my daughter needs to know what this relates to, if I just called it that, she would't eat it), PB&J, Chicken Nuggets (which may also be fish sticks, but don't tell the kid), chicken noodle soup, ramen (on a really bad day), macaroni and cheese (the blue box only). n

As long as our kids are getting something nutrisious in their bellies, that's all that matters. Though I still do try and make a nice hearty dinner when I can. But, that isn't as often as I'ld like.



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