Pretty annoyed; need to vent

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Pretty annoyed; need to vent
« on: Oct 01, 2016 @ 06:58 AM »
So, about a year ago I had this friend. Met her on a mom group/app. We talked a lot. I noticed she was really great with words and suggested she make a blog. She scoffed at the idea, laughed even, and I told her I'd read it if she ever made one. Fast forward a year. She and I no longer talk because I had seen her saying some really cruel things about me to another member on the site. She has since started a mom blog - which is awesome. But now that I'm blogging again, she and her 'bestie', also another mom on the site, are consistently taking jabs at me and saying *I* am stealing their blog ideas.

Say what??!

First of all, she probably wouldn't have even started her blog if it wasn't for me suggesting the idea to her. Second of all, I've been blogging and writing for years now. I worked in the beauty genre solely up until recently; that's besides the point. Now that she and her friend are bloggers, they stick their nose up in the air and anything I write about, and they are obviously reading my posts, they have something to say.

I have no idea why this bothers me so bad, but it does. I do NOT appreciate being called an 'idea thief', nor do I appreciate teir childish banter. Not to mention, they are now taking stabs at me and my child because I have anxiety issues, and my son has bipolar issues - they are saying he 'gets it from me' and I'm 'crazy'. It's's internet bullying, is what it is. And I'm beyond annoyed by it. I never have anything to say about them in any post I make on the mom app. Never. Yet it seems like I'm the topic of their every discussion.

Suggestions? The moderators seem to have favorites on that app, FYI. And I'm not one of them.

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