Author Topic: What are some things that stop you from entering/running a contest?  (Read 3256 times)

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Please reply with what will stop you from entering a contest or what requirements (from a 3rd party sponsor) will make you not want even offer it on your blog. I'm hoping this will make an insightful topic for people when setting up contests! Here are a few of mine...

Contests I don't enter:
  • I generally don't enter contests ran on Blogger because I don't think Blogger has good privacy options. You either have to log into an account that links automatically to one of your profiles (or worse, you have to set up one) and/or leave your email in the public comment box if you are commenting anonymously. Privacy options are a biggy for me.
  • Contests that require me to be a follower of something first then do something else to enter. I see this a lot and bet it's a great way to build a following but if I have to do more than one thing (especially if it involves creating some sort of new account or profile) I want more than one entry!

Contests I don't run on my blog:
  • When the sponsor requires multiple entries. Depending on the prize value, 2 is the max and only if it's over $100 value. I really find that more than one mandatory entry limits entries. Bonus entries are great.
  • The contest need to be exclusive. I had a company one time offer a gift certificate for my readers that had a $15 value. They offered another blog a contest at the exact same time with a prize value of $150. That was fine but then the owner emailed me and pointed out how much better the other contest did on the other blog, I was livid. Of course the other contest did better... the prize value was 10x's a much. I couldn't even respond to the email I was so insulted! I no longer run contests for that little of a value (too much time goes in to creating & promoting the posts) and a requirement is that the contest is exclusive.
  • When a sponsor approaches with many requirements, rules and regulations and is basically instructing me how to run the contest on my blog. Tone is really important and working together needs to be the approach. Usually my sponsors are wonderful and requirements are right in line with how I run contests anyway. But I've had a few, almost mean and/or demanding requests and have heard plenty of stories! If I'm not comfortable at all or feel bullied, I usually don't even respond.

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Contests I don't enter:

- Ones that don't specify who it's open to.  I'm Canadian and don't want to waste my time if the contest is only open to the US which is sometimes the case.
- A product I'm simply on interested in.
- The ways to enter are confusing or convoluted.
- One with lots of mandatory entries.  I don't mind following or checking out a website but that's about it. 

Contests I don't run on my blog:

- I am new to blogging and giveaways so I haven't been too picky yet.  I wouldn't feel comfortable giving something of bad quality away though obviously.
- Any products I am not interested in or don't fit with my theme of baby/children/mommy.
- Anyone that won't ship to Canada...doesn't make sense for me to even bother.
- Also not a big fan of lots of instructions for a small prize.  I think that the followers/traffic gained though has to be considered a certain amount of compensation as well rather than just looking at monetary rewards for the blogger or giveaway winner.  A certain amount of cross promotion exists and that has great value for bloggers.



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