Author Topic: Will mychild ever recover from a car accident?  (Read 1298 times)

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Will mychild ever recover from a car accident?
« on: Jun 04, 2017 @ 10:09 PM »
The image of my daughters face, scared and frightened, keeps coming back every time I close my eyes.

I was distracted, I thought, maybe I can reach over and grab the air freshener and keep on going. Boy, was I wrong. As I undid my seat belt and reached over, I recall feeling like the Jeep was going off road. I look up and can see that we are approaching a concrete driveway, but the Jeep is already rolling over. I grab the wheel as hard as I can and prepared myself for the impact. Next thing I know, my vision is clouded by smoke and Im struggling to catch my breath. All I see is white, which I assume was the air bag, and smoke in the air. The jeep is at a complete stop; I am not fully aware of where I am in space but I manage to open the passenger door and climb out. I feel a throbbing pain in my right foot. I look forward and all I can hear is my children crying. HELP ME, SOMEBODY HELP ME! I am screaming so loud I can hear my echo, and suddenly a woman stops her car and asks if I am alright. I tell her my children are in the car and I need her help. She grabs a rock and attempts to break the front passenger window. I could tell I was stronger than her so I take the rock from her hand and start to bang it as hard as I can, no luck. This sweet lady is panicking. She is struggling to speak, but she manages to call 911. I could hear myself breathing harder than usual. My foot was in so much pain. The jeep was still smoking, and my children were inside. Cristal, you are freaking out, I told myself. I took six deep breaths, and I ran to the other side of the jeep. I step on a tube that is usually beneath the jeep, but now on the side, and I climb to the top. The jeep had rolled over 90 degrees. I am at the top of the jeep and I pull the back-passenger door open. Her eyes stare right at me and she is crying. Its okay princess, mommy is gonna get you out. But her seat belt was stuck. Gravity was pushing the door down, I used my back to hold it open but I was struggling. I hear the sweet lady tell the 911 operator the address and I look straight into her eyes. I really need you to help me, put the phone down, I tell her in Spanish. She listens. She puts her phone down and helps me hold the door open. I manage to get my daughters booster seat out from under her, which loosened up the seat belt. The sweet lady grabs the booster and places it by the door to hold it open and we pull my daughter out. Then out of nowhere 3 people are running towards us. I look down and my sons infant car seat is in-tact. I detach it from the base and a man assists in getting it out. And in that second, my right foot gave out. I could no longer put any weight in it. I am standing inside a smoking jeep, unable to climb out, but at least my kids were safe. I use my arms to lift myself up and another man pulls me out. Him and a young man help me hop over to the sidewalk, away from the smoking jeep. I sit in the sidewalk, they bring over my daughter and son, still inside his infant car seat. My daughter is shaking, I am shaking, the jeep is smoking, but we are all, safe.



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