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 on: Mar 20, 2018 @ 12:40 PM 
Started by Bblush - Last post by Bblush
The company is called  our purpose is to do everything possible to keep 22-34 year old people from accumulating credit card debt.  The ways we do it are to (1) Incentivize them to open high interest bank accounts, (2) Deposit into those accounts automatically, (3) Co-save with a parent or close relative for one of their goals (Iím doing it with my niece), and (4) Monitor their progress by keeping track of their saving or co-saving.

For (1), if they donít already have a savings account, we recommend using an on-line bank called  We are in no way affiliated with them but they are one of a couple of on line banks that work with Payleaf.  They offer 1.45% interest with no minimums.

For (2), An important component of successfully saving is ďif you canít see it, you wonít spend it.Ē  Also, Ally doesnít charge for making automatic deductions from a checking account to your Ally account.

For (3), If someone is matching your savings (Even a penny for every dollar), the likelihood of success is much, much, higher.

For (4), Allowing co-savers to monitor progress from their cell phones help keeps goal saving on track.

I would very much appreciate it if you would go to and have a look around.  It would be great if you signed up by leaving your name, email, and password. 

If you do decide to link and co-save, we will contribute seeds of $5 for your daughter/son to link Payleaf to their savings account, and $5 for them to co-save.  We will then contribute seeds of $5 if you link your savings account and $5 when you accept their co-save request.

Thanks for considering being a betaÖsince co-savers keep their own money in their own accounts, the absolute worse case would be that your daughter or son ends up with a savings account and is pointed in a direction not to use credit card debt.

Please call/text me at 314-302-9486 if you have any questions or thoughts,


 on: Mar 19, 2018 @ 06:42 AM 
Started by JustBrennonBlog - Last post by JustBrennonBlog

Did you know this month marks my 4th year blogiversay (March 26th to be exact)?

Yep, thatís right!

But, itís also The Sandlotís 25th Anniversary!

Enter now to win four (4) free meal passes to enjoy a meal at any of Ovation Brandsí locations as well as one (1) The Sandlot Blu-Ray + Digital DVD.

 on: Mar 16, 2018 @ 05:15 PM 
Started by treasuredscraps - Last post by treasuredscraps
I am launching a new website which will be a writing ground for anyone who has something to share, teach, learn.

I am looking for bloggers, and writers of all sorts. I am looking for teachers, influencers, instructors, sharers, talkers, lol, you get the point. The website has blogs and publications area, as well as much more. Please read the explaination below for more info. I will fully launch in April, and would like some writers in place. You can always contact me with questions should you need something further explained..........

Creative Digi Diva is seeking people who have a certain talent and experience they would like to share and teach to others. This can be anything from crafting, such as sewing, crochet, art, graphics, web design or programming, and numberous other skills, to gardening, cooking, home hobbies into business, and starting online or brick and morter businesses. The purpose here is to help people with everyday lifestyles and the pursuit of making extra income from their own hobbies and talents.

Discussions on each subject will open up a question and answer forum for each, as well as a platform for tutorials, and ecourses taught directly to members.

This is good for, and a benefit to people who would like to gain some reputation as an influencer, writer, teacher, and can help open you up to greater possibilities in your own lives as you help others to grow and succeed in their lives, and the project is open to all, men & women both.

This website has features that make it highly accessible to search engines, as well as a plethora of share features to many of the well known social feeds.

Anyone interested in joining and adding your talents and expertise, or ideas and suggestions to this project are welcome to do so. Simply join and verify your email at your own inbox, and then log in and follow the directions you will find in your welcome email on the website.

If you have a course you would like to directly teach, you will have lots of tools onsite to work with, including embedding video etc., plus the ability to add sellable resourses to your courses as add ons (learning on the site is meant to be free, but actual course instructors have the ability to sell add ons to their subject or topic)

Go here to sign up early, I will be launching with full ads and promotions at the end of March. Website link in my signature!

 on: Mar 16, 2018 @ 08:48 AM 
Started by epew - Last post by Jhiela
Good Afternoon-

I saw your post for guest bloggers and am very interested! Your message of empowerment really resonates with me and the mission of my blog.

I actually wrote a blog a little while back where I included a DIY for making a chunky arm-knit scarf if you are interested in re-posting/linking back:[/url]

If you are looking for original content, I am open to that as well - just let me know!

Thank and good luck!

 on: Mar 14, 2018 @ 05:25 PM 
Started by Exploringnew - Last post by Exploringnew

My name is Caroline Ortiz, a mom of 2 toddlers and I am stay-at-home mom. I was doing blogging off and on since 2011 or 2013 between those years . Now , I am fully committed to the blogging life because I had so much going on with my life since my daughter was born in 2014 and my son 2015 . I was to tired to keep up with the blogging life but now that I have time in putting all my effort in the blogging life I want as a career is a journey I am ready to start.

I been doing product reviews, site reviews, app reviews, & so much more .Even promoting giveaway from companies and discount from sellers to promote. I had worked with Neutrogena, L'oreal, non-profit companies and so much other companies within the years. I enjoy doing what I do.

I name my site Exploring New because I want other to see what is new out there or getting more information's they need. I have a  Medical administrative Assistant associate degree/ diploma and I live in the big apple city name New york city. You probably wondering why I ain't going after my degree career?.

For the moment, I decide to stay at home for my kids till they go to school. I will go after my career and also have my blogging career as well. I love to explore new products, new companies, and new things to write about the experiences I have the opportunities with.

Thank you for having me .. Let us be friends :) I follow, comment on your blog and so much more :) . Team Work. :P ;D ;)

 on: Mar 14, 2018 @ 12:36 PM 
Started by bstout1980 - Last post by bstout1980
Hi I am running a giveaway for an Electric Scooter from GoTrax and I am looking for bloggers to help promote it.  You will receive a free link of your choice in the giveaway tool in exchange for sharing on your blog and social media.  For more info and to sign up visit the form here

 on: Mar 08, 2018 @ 10:43 PM 
Started by Trishana - Last post by Trishana
Hey All Mommy Bloggers here,

I'm looking for some good blogs related to moms and kids for mother's day special content.

My criteria is :
Domain Authority :30+
Page Authority : 35+
Trust Flow: 20+
Citation Flow: 15+
And unique IP address....

Please PM me with your details!


 on: Mar 05, 2018 @ 09:30 AM 
Started by Clyons - Last post by deexterous

Are you still looking:

Your Name: Deepika
Your Email Address:
Your Website:
The Domain Authority of your website: 16
How much do you charge to publish an article: $25

 on: Mar 05, 2018 @ 09:29 AM 
Started by Peurobaby - Last post by deexterous
Hey there,

I'm a blogger at and this is totally in my niche. Have a look at my website and reach out to me at if my work suits your need.

 on: Mar 01, 2018 @ 04:18 PM 
Started by Clyons - Last post by Alicia @ TheMomKind
Your Name: Alicia Trautwein
Your Email Address:
Your Website:
The Domain Authority of your website: 34
How much do you charge to publish an article: 20

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