New blogger, Really could do with some feedback and advice

Author Topic: New blogger, Really could do with some feedback and advice  (Read 2369 times)

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hey mummas I'm new to blogging but really enjoy sharing my everyday experiences with my LG.

so any feedback would be more than welcome.

Thankyou :)

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Re: New blogger, Really could do with some feedback and advice
« Reply #1 on: Jan 31, 2017 @ 10:21 PM »

What is the goal of your blog?  Help/encourage other moms, review products, eCommerce, etc.?  There are a boatload of mommy blogs out there.  What is going to motivate visitors to come to your site and if they come what will motivate them to come back?  Your visitors like for most websites can be selfish and greedy.  They always are seeking what's in it for them. 

Consider establishing social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, etc associated with your blog.  Also you mention Instagram but I didn't see a link to get there.

Increase the size of your font to 12 or 14.  Bigger fonts make it easier to read and follow especially when you're old like me. Also learn to write for your online reader.  They scan and not really read.  Limit your paragraphs to two or three sentences.  Keep your sentence short - no more than 20 words.  Make use of italics, bold font, etc. to make it easy for your readers to scan your post and go to what you consider important for them.

I'm an ignorant American, I don't have a clue what's "a paddy fit" is.  Going back to your goal or purpose of your blog if your looking to attract an international audience you may consider using something more commonly understood or you could use it as a hook for people to enter your site to find out what it means.

Use of SimpleSite.  I read a review and they said it's free.  It sounds like the features while easy to use are limited.  I feel if you are eventually going to get serious about building a following and business I would eventually migrate to a standalone platform.  I feel bloggers are not taken seriously when using a free site especially when the URL is a promotion for the service.

Thank you for the opportunity to review your site.  I too was where you are today and I'm still on a high learning curve.  Enjoy your family and all the best for online success.

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