Author Topic: Feedback on my mama/baby info page/personal blog greatly appreciated  (Read 2784 times)

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I've tried to create a website of information, along with a blog. The information that I want to get out there is on schedules for baby, sleep training, nap training, preparing for baby, etc. These are stand alone pages that are meant to be informative. I realize that some are I am not looking for opinions on the content, but am looking to see if the info is readily accessible through the format, organization, etc

Then I have my blog posts...daily posts about being a SAHM, things that happen with my baby, etc...personal experiences and I just want this section to be relatable and fun to read.

I want to make sure the two ideas of this page are going together well.

It is a new blog, so I don't have adsense on it yet, but will at 6 months. So far I have added affiliate links to amazon mom and amazon baby registry. I have also set up a facebook page were I share my posts, and a facebook group were mamas can have discussions.

Thanks for looking! And thanks in advance for any feedback!

The link is


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Still hoping to get some feedback. I've been writing daily posts (except weekends)... is this something you ladies do as well? Is it necessary do you think to have daily posts?
Should I be tagging them somehow? I'm not really sure how hashtags work.
Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

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Hi Katrina!

I think your blog is great! I love the way you write, and your little one is just beautiful (but also strong!) :)

I think you have a great layout- it's very easy to read and navigate. Your posts are all easy to read and  enjoyable. My only "style" suggestion would be to move your "about me" to the very top of the sidebar, and maybe look into logo design...but other than that, everything looks good- ESPECIALLY for how short of a time you've been blogging. :) Great work- and again- beautiful baby! :D


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I second @bethefunmom on the the About Me. If you're going to have it in your sidebar, the very top is where we look. We are like puppies  :P

You're doing great. You'll get a better feeling of your structure as you go on. I would use your top menu to mostly distinguish your sections.including something like a "blog" link for your day to day posts. Keeps those as minimal and as broad as you can. Sometimes people want article/instruction based posts... sometimes more casual day in the life posts so if you are going to have both "voices" on your blog- I would make sure those are very different/distinguishable categories.

For example: Home | About Me | Cars | Planes | Tractors | Blog
or                           Home | About Me | Cars | Planes | Tractors | Family Life

Keep it up! You're doing great. Don't feel you have to blog every single day. Keep a schedule you can keep up with. Burn out is a very real thing.

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I had a quick look at your blog and it looks very cute and has good content, but  I was also a bit overwhelmed by all the info which hits you when you first come on to the page. Maybe it's because I have the attention span of a puppy, or maybe it's because I'm what my previous career coach called "extremely goal focused", but I was lost before I even started reading.

If you look at my blog however, you will see how different we are, so it's really nothing personal. Just thought I'd give you my opinion as someone who's set up a very different kind of blog. 

My tip would be to be a bit more selective with what you put on the front page and let your readers' curiosity do a bit more of the work in finding what they're looking for. Hope this was helpful - would love to hear what you think!

/ Mr. Grumpbox
Hope you enjoy reading about Mommy and me as much as we do writing about our adventures.



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