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Title: New Enhanced Profile Pages!
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Jul 17, 2013 @ 04:46 PM
I am thrilled to say I have finally been able to implement member profile pages for the TMB directory listings (

Your listing may function a little different and you may see your referral out # a little lower. But don't worry I'll explain it all and your not losing visitors.

Now when a visitor clicks on your banner, comment icon or blog name, it will click through to your profile page. All your social network icons are unchanged.

I wanted to include a profile page for a few reasons:

I am unable to track your outgoing links for clicks on your imported feeds. So if your outgoing # seems less than normal, that is likely why. Anyone who clicks on your listing has 5 other links to pick besides your blog homepage (which is the only one I am keeping track of).

The page is not behaving exactly as I would like it and unfortunately I haven't been able to add as many things as I would like (for example the social network icons). But it is tracking referrals and displaying the most recent blog posts which were my main goals.

Linking to your profile page:

*the feed agitator may not work with all platforms.