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Title: Lounge Social Icon Change - Profile Updates Needed
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Nov 11, 2014 @ 08:15 AM
I've made some updates/changes to how social icons are added/displayed on member profiles. To be able to display your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,  etc icons & links, you'll need to login and edit your profile info. You can do that by following this link:,forumprofile/

This is a great way to share your links. Remember... you need to use your profile & your signature to share your external links so you're not spamming the boards. Take advantage of this.

Google+ users... you have to put the + (plus sign) in front of your username. For example I entered +topmommyblogs into the Google+ field of my profile. The output on my posts changes to If you leave out the + sign... your link will go to a 404 page. Kind of a pain... I'll see about fixing that.