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Title: I'm Adding A Coupon Blog Sub-Directory!
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Nov 08, 2011 @ 07:52 AM
Here's where I am at with this...

I get dozens of coupon blog submissions every week. Probably 95% of them aren't accepted because they don't contain enough of what I consider to be "unique and original content" if I see they are primarily just passing on a coupon or a list of coupons. They may be a great resource but not what visitors of TMB are expecting and stray more towards a coupon directory vs blog.

On the flip side.. because I get so many submissions and they are such a great resource for moms I hate to exclude them. I have been trying to figure out a way to make room for everyone with out shifting the balance of Top Mommy Blogs to Top Coupon Mommy Blogs, ruffling too many feathers and minimize the hate mail!

So what is planned is that there will be a Coupon & Deals edition as an off-shoot of TMB. It will be kind of like a new category but will be separate from the main list/members and will act as a directory all on it's own. TopCouponMommyBlogs.Com/ (!

As of today (11/8/2011) I have started this process but haven't completed it. So if you're a new member that recently signed up into the Coupon category but hasn't been accepted (or accidentally accepted too early) and are confused about where you are.. We are in a holding pattern for now. It's a big project but will hopefully be ready in the next week or two.