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Title: Creating Links
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Jul 10, 2012 @ 11:02 PM
Here's a very geeky question I pride myself on knowing the answer to (similar to being able to shout out proudly the font name on billboards as we pass them)...

How do you, here and in BBC {geek for bulletin board code} add a link to text instead of having show the actual link?

so it says this is my link ( instead of

Tell you I will {sorry.. inner geek sneaking out}....
Write the text you want the link to say, highlight it and then click the Insert Hyperlink button (here it's an earth icon w/a sheet of paper on it). It will look like below:

Code: [Select]
After where you see the bracket ending URL, enter and equal sign then add/paste the URL.

Code: [Select]
It sounds complicated but it's really one step and will have you speaking BBC language in no time. Recap: Write the text you want linked, apply the link button, sneak an equal sign plus your link before the closing bracket of the opening URL call. Then shoot me for posting BBC tips  :P