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Title: The reason I started to blog..
Post by: fab4andme on Jan 22, 2016 @ 04:27 PM
is because my youngest son started school recently and that means all 4 of my children are now at school and after nearly 15 years of having a child to look after full time I felt really quite miserable.  I also didn't really know much about myself as I haven't had time to find out especially as 3 of my kiddies have special needs so all my time are spent with them. I wanted to cheer myself up and find something new to be proud of and have fun with and realised how much fun I had reading blogs so decided to start my own. I am only a few posts in but my main reason for it as well as to have memories to look back on and a place to put my thoughts, is to make new friends!
Title: Re: The reason I started to blog..
Post by: MommyHost on Jan 22, 2016 @ 05:30 PM
Hey fab4andme,

I've always found blogging is therapeutic. It really helps to put your thoughts on paper (or on your blog). I've done a lot of self reflection in the past.. At first I was shy to share my feelings and emotions especially to my friends, family, and even the world. As you stated, it's always great to look back on memories and a place to share your thoughts.

I hope your blogging journey continues!