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Title: The No Votes For Giveaways Rule
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Jul 19, 2013 @ 06:10 PM
I've discussed this rule a TON {megaton actually} via email with various members, site administrators, sponsors, etc but thought it was time to open up a public place to discuss it. The more I've debated it, the more I think it's a good one (although it's also a nightmare to uphold).

I'm not planning on dropping the rule any time soon but wanted to give members a place to chat about it because I know it's a hot topic and heated from both sides. I am actually surprised no one has posted about it yet!

The rule in question here is #9: (from the submit your blog page (
You may not bribe or force a vote (i.e. Vote for me to enter my contest). See the FAQ's ( for acceptable link usage.

Thoughts, questions or opinions? What side are you on? Reply and/or answer the poll above. #TeamGiveaway (don't like the rule) or #TeamNoBribe (like the rule)
Title: Re: The No Votes For Giveaways Rule
Post by: sunnydee on Nov 30, 2013 @ 08:34 PM
I am surprised nobody has weighed in on this topic. I am a member of several directories and I have to say that this rule is one that sets TMB apart from the others. I rarely ever do giveaways on my blog so it kills me to see my blog suffering because of it. If this was a giveaway directory I would understand but I appreciate the rule because it keeps an even playing field for us non-giveaway bloggers.
Title: Re: The No Votes For Giveaways Rule
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Dec 01, 2013 @ 09:36 AM
Thanks Sunnydee. That was one of the reasons why the rule was added. I was hearing from many heartbroken members that felt they stood no chance of a decent ranking unless they started running giveaways. This was back when TMB was on a reset system but even with the monthly average that is used now, it's true. The top 25 were pretty much all giant giveaway blogs.

I run giveaways on my blog so I'm not against them (love them actually) but TMB ( & TBB ( were turning into giveaway directories and losing their focus.