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Title: Rating Vs. Voting- What's the Difference? What are ratings for?
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Jul 02, 2014 @ 06:18 PM
I get emailed this a lot. I have it covered in the FAQ's but though I would open a thread here about the difference between rating and voting and a little more about ratings since I've done some upgrades on the rating/comment pages.

Voting is your blog sending in referrals. That's the part that determines your rank and is the easiest for visitors. All they have to do is click on the TMB banner on your blog. That takes them to the directory and they become one of your referral or, as we coin it here, a vote.

Rating on the other hand is a little more involved and doesn't influence your rank (except on the Most Rated ( page). Rating happens when a visitor, viewing your profile, leaves a rating and/or a comment about your blog.

So voting happens on your site, rating happens on Top Mommy Blogs.

While rating doesn't influence your rank, there are some benefits to encouraging ratings as well as votes *in addition to the pats on the back and feedback*. One is being listed on the Most Rated ( page. The second is the built in social network options your visitors are given after rating.

Now of course we all know that asking for votes as a giveaway entry is against the rules but asking for a rating is actually OK! As long as you use the link to your profile or rating page and not homepage link. You can find your rating link and a rating banner ( in your Directory account's Links & Banners page.