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Title: Member ranking poll
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Feb 22, 2016 @ 03:05 PM
Previously rank was based on a rolling 30 day average and the ins/outs shown on ranking pages were also a rolling 30 day average.

W/our current system, rank is based right now on that current months average tally/total and the in/out stats show a tally/total for that month as well. I'd like to gauge a little if members have feelings about how the raking is calibrated and also what the ins/outs show.

Having rank based on an average generally eases any sort of panic from major changes. Ranks still fluctuate but not as quickly. Same with the ins/outs. If they are on a tally system, they will reset to zero at the beginning of each month. From feedback I've heard, members don't like seeing that. A tally for ins/out makes a little  more sense but I may switch that back to an average as well so we don't see that zero at the beginning of each month.
Title: Re: Member ranking poll
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Feb 29, 2016 @ 01:08 PM
Update- I've switched our overall ranking determinate to a monthly tally based vs. an average. That way all our numbers line up and make sense. I'd like to see how this goes. Yes, rankings did change. Sorry for the shake up.

So now you see rank then ins and outs for this calendar month. Totals.

Tomorrow will be interesting when it's a new month and we start fresh. I always dread resets because people panic and email me that I removed all their votes. I'm not out to get you I promise! Which is why I've always used an average vs a total.
Title: Re: Member ranking poll
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Mar 05, 2016 @ 02:24 PM
So far it looks like ranking by average monthly votes is winning. Not by much. Let me throw this out to you...

One of the biggest questions/confusion I had previously was that votes aren't being counted. This was because people were expecting to see a tally but it was an average soooo... vote INS were going up and down. I probably answered 5-20 emails a week about this (and it was in the FAQ's). Quite often the emails were angry.

So if we go back to an average system, I would likely remove the INS/OUTs that are there on the cards. You can still see ins/outs on individual profile pages but on ranking pages it threw people off.