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Title: *Important Posting Guidelines. Read Before You Post*
Post by: Karen {Admin} on Oct 07, 2010 @ 07:47 AM
Most of how the Top Mommy Blog Directory works & common questions are already answered in the FAQ's ( Please ;D make sure you check the FAQ's and of course search ( this board before posting and asking an already asked/answered question.

General Posting Guidelines & Tips:
Post Titles: Try to be specific with your title. This will help moderators and other members browse the boards.

Bad Titles:

Good Titles:

Account Info: If your question involves something that needs to be looked up w/in your account info, make sure you leave your directory username (which may or may not be different from your forum username). Don't post any other log in info outside of your blog and/or your username because this is a public board.

Remember this is a help board and not a suggestion board! You can PM (,send/) or email ( any friendly suggestions.

This will help keep this board an easy to browse board for everyone and also not just a repetition of the FAQ's! Thanks for taking the time to read this.