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Title: Introductions
Post by: shabbby on Jul 16, 2014 @ 12:32 PM
Welcome to the fellow mamas in a blended family. this is becoming more and more normal which is awesome. 

Feel free to introduce yourself and your family here!!!

***Remember to be kind!!!!***
Title: Re: Introductions
Post by: shabbby on Jul 16, 2014 @ 12:38 PM
My name is Sarah and my boyfriend is Brian.

I have a daughter Hailey who is 18 months old.

Brian has Benjamin who is 12 from a previous relationship.  I have known these two since Ben was 1.

Brian and I dated off and on throughout my high school career and there after.  in 2005 we got engaged in Disney and planned to wed in 2007.  We broke up and he got into a relationship with another woman who got pregnant and so they got married. With her Brian has a 6 year old named Blake and a three year old named Abbey.

In June of 2013 Brian and his wife split up and we reconnected by fate... check my blog for the full story!!!

I would love to have a child with him but I fear that is out of the question. We talked about getting married in Disney or in Florida in general but that quickly changed as things with his ex became more and more rough.  So that too may be out of the question.

We have two different types of parenting styles and to add to it the other parents parenting styles can make for some interesting...errr... fun conversation!