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Top Mommy Blogs Directory Status
« on: May 14, 2011 @ 09:07 AM »
6/30/2016- All site updates are done & the below bugs worked out but I still have some server upgrades left.

6/28/2016- After some updates, some features are not enabled. The message you see after you vote is currently disabled as well as the referral system. I'm working on getting that compatible with the upgrades so they should be back soon!

6/7/2016  - Some updates on the directory and server are planned over the next week. If there are outages here on TMB I'll try my best to be available on twitter or facebook (preferably twitter). I am not expecting any problems but I have a tendency to crash the site from time to time  :P

Previous updates -------------------------------------------------------------

5/2/16 - The newly added/rendered screenshots are appearing black. I'm looking into the issue. Sometimes it's a platform/user issue but since so many are black right now, I think something's up on my end. I hope to have it fixed soon.

1/28/2016- This eve we're doing some server updates. There may be some outages or issues during this process.

1/27/2016- We're doing MAJOR upgrades right now. We're in the process of moving TMB to an entirely new system so please expect some site outages, possibly broken banners and some glitches over the next few days. You don't need to remove your banner- I will get those restored as soon as possible and you don't need to change voting links (linking to the home page).

My goal is for you to not have to make any changes on your blog during this process. You will, however, need to reset your password when you log in for the first time.

There will be a new FAQ to help guide you through using the new site. You can also use the Directory Help Board to post questions. That's a public board so if you need private account help, you'll want to email  instead.

10/20/14- Our RSS feed importer that we use here and for the widget is having some issues. It's usually a great system and they are working on it so I haven't removed it from the site yet but there have been some site lags because of it. I've been doing a little bit of clean up to optimize page loading time so you may see some minor cosmetic changes or site flickers due to that.

8/8/14- Some  new additions are in the works for daddy bloggers & coupon bloggers and a few ways to further give them a special home here on TMB.

I've finally been able to get & to redirect & successfully track referrals to the dad & coupon category. These two categories have the potential of being their own directories all together but I don't know that I could handle two more websites to manage but they now at least have their own domains to use for linking.

So if you are in either of those categories, I am working on getting the badges to all match up but you can use those URLs to link to instead of the TMB homepage or the category link. This will help further distill our small niche directory and give these two categories a more unique presence.

Sign up for for both TDB & TCMB is still through TMB but you just have the option of linking differently.

6/30/14- added a referral option during sign up. This is still in beta. A new referral banner has been created and your referral link has been added to the widgets (both available on the Links & Banners page in your member area). You can find your special referral link by logging in and viewing your profile or on your Links & Banners page. Even though the referral program is still in beta, you can still start promoting your referral URL.

4/7/2014- added a new Lounge profile box on directory members account overview page. If you have an account for both (directory and forum require separate accounts) and your browser is logged into the forum then in your directory profile page, you'll see some of your forum notices. Handy to see it combined!

I did make a few changes today some core files so if you have trouble registering for the forum or not getting emails, let me know.

2/10/2014- I've done a major removal of dead blogs today. By "dead" blogs I mean ones that were no longer online. During this scan I get back a lot of blogs including ones that may have had temporary connection or server issues during the scan. I do make sure to manually check any that appear to have temp issues and check recent stats so this shouldn't effect any active members.

7/30/2013- Directory Stat Issues: Well my attempt to expand the directory and add another voting page didn't work so well and ended up creating some major stat problems. I've resolved the issue so the stats should mellow out now but unfortunately linking to member profile pages will not count towards votes anymore.  :'( :'(

4/10/2013- Directory Update: I've fixed the comment/rating glitch for IE ror real now! That pesky Facebook Like button wasn't playing nicely. In addition to adding a little navigation graphic below the social network & ratings icons, everything is working nicely now.

I have improved the member navigation and changed the banner page a little. I'll be doing several cosmetic updates over the next week but nothing that should cause any site issues.

2/3/2013 - I've managed to fix the comment/rating glitch for IE, kinda. It wouldn't always open.

So if you click the cupcakes on a listing to comment and/or rate a listing, and nothing happens, make sure your pop-up blocker is off for TopMommyBlogs.Com. I won't bombard you with pop-ups... pinky swear. Close the member/error page that pops and the correct one should have opened up as well. I'm working on getting the duplicate error page removed. But at least it's working for IE users.

Also working on adding a new Tools page. I'm making it a vote landing page so members will be able to link to it as a resource for fellow bloggers and get credit!

1/10/2013 - Adding a pinterest icon & instagram icon/links to listings! If you want a Pinterest and/or Instagram icon to appear on your directory listing (Linked to your pinterest or instagram page), you'll want to log in and add your pinterest profile URL. The URL should look something link this:

Like the Facebook & Twitter icons/links, clicks on these external sites do not count towards your "out" number and are not tracked.

8/17/2012 - I've been doing a little cosmetic updates lately over at the blog directory. Mostly background and header changes (including some optimization*). In addition I have done some inactive blog purging.

Inactive blog purging? This means I've ran some auto-scanners and removed any completly dead blogs. By completly dead I mean, in my scanner results, I get a notice that Blogger/Wordpress/ETC has removed the blog, the domain is expired or the account has sent in zero or very few hits since joining (2009-10). It's always so sad to do this but it's really important that when we say we have 5K members... that really should mean active members and not people who have signed up since the begining of time but aren't participating. Yeah? Good.

Oh, 1 more thing, my last Post & Win winner (for a Lionheart babyfood (or spice) organizer) gave me a bad address and won't return my emails so that prize is still up for grabs! Ciao

*to speed up page loading time.

3/8/2012 - Adding some extra category pages. So far the family life & humor category now are several pages instead of just 1! The page navigation on those categories will reflect the category page 1, 2, 3 and so on instead of those links being for the main pages.

I am also "trying" to get the facebook like buttons to load faster. They are really slowing the page loading time down.



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