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The company is called  Our purpose is to do everything possible to keep 22-34 year old people from accumulating credit card debt.  The ways we do it are to (1) Incentivize them to open high interest bank accounts, (2) Deposit into those accounts automatically, (3) Co-save with a parent or close relative for one of their goals (Im doing it with my niece), and (4) Monitor their progress by keeping track of their saving or co-saving.

For (1), if they dont already have a savings account, we recommend using an on-line bank called  We are in no way affiliated with them but they are one of a couple of on line banks that work with Payleaf.  They offer 1.45% interest with no minimums.

For (2), An important component of successfully saving is if you cant see it, you wont spend it.  Also, Ally doesnt charge for making automatic deductions from a checking account to your Ally account.

For (3), If someone is matching your savings (Even a penny for every dollar), the likelihood of success is much, much, higher.

For (4), Allowing co-savers to monitor progress from their cell phones help keeps goal saving on track.

I would very much appreciate it if you would go to and have a look around.  It would be great if you signed up by leaving your name, email, and password. 

If you do decide to link and co-save, we will contribute seeds of $5 for your daughter/son to link Payleaf to their savings account, and $5 for them to co-save.  We will then contribute seeds of $5 if you link your savings account and $5 when you accept their co-save request.

Thanks for considering being a betasince co-savers keep their own money in their own accounts, the absolute worse case would be that your daughter or son ends up with a savings account and is pointed in a direction not to use credit card debt.

Please call/text me at 314-302-9486 if you have any questions or thoughts,




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