Author Topic: Collecting gross/embarrassing parenting stories for my book! Pls Share!  (Read 1571 times)

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You know that time your kid threw up on the top bunk and it dripped all the way down the wall? Or when your five year old stripped and ran across the field at soccer practice? Well, the world wants to hear your story! I've collected about 140 so far, but I need three times as many. I also need stories about morning sickness for the same book. I'm sharing my own stories too, like the time I accidentally ate my kid's poop, and when my toddler loved to say the word "sit" but said it with a strong lisp...loudly, over and over again during the prayer at our Easter service. I've found that parents bond over these stories, as well as blowing off steam and feeling great hearing from others that they're not the only ones with kids that do crazy gross things. So please share! Keep in mind that these stories will be published, and please don't use any real names. Thanks!



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