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 ;) Hello out there mother's
I thought this information about ADHD would be helpful for other parents with ADHD kids!


    Attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder, or ADHD, is a developmental disorder of self-control.  It consists of problems with attention span, impulse control, and activity level. These problems are reflected in impairment in a childs will or capacity to control his or her own behavior relative to the passage of time-to keep future goals and consequences in mind. It is not just a matter of being inattentive or overactive. It is not something that will be out grown Barkley, PhD, Russell A. Taking Charge of ADHD. Children with ADHD look normal, but being a child with ADHD can be heartbreaking to cope with. It is a giant obstacle to accomplish even the smallest tasks.  How do I know this? Because, I am the Parent of a child with ADHD. Every day is a struggle to keep her on task and to get things done. Wood, Samuel E., Green Wood, Ellen and Boyd, Denise. The World of Psychology
Studies estimate that about 3 to 7% of children suffer from ADHD, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 2001. ADHD is one of the most common childhood disorders of which professionals are aware. There is a lot of false information and stigma that goes along with ADHD. Often children with the disorder are thought to be kids that lack discipline and that children act that way because the parents let them get away with it.  Well, thats not true.  It is not a question of discipline.  Yes, children with ADHD function better with structure and consistency but what child doesnt?  My daughter describes it as having 5 to 6 thoughts going on in your brain at the same time. She, like most children and adults with ADHD has a high IQ.
    I thought I would share with you what it is like to have ADHD the best way I know how to talk to Amy. She is a 16 year old girl who likes math, science and for fun she acts on stage and belongs to the drama group at her high school.  She was diagnosed with ADHD in 3rd grade.
What do you want people to know or understand about ADHD?  That I cant stop myself its just the way my brain works, and I am not always aware of how I am acting.
What is the hardest thing about having ADHD? It is to keep track of time and to figure out when I need to take more medicine.
What does medicine do for you? I can function at school without getting in trouble. As I said before I am always the last person to realize that I am rude or acting up. When I dont have medicine I feel like everyone is mad at me and I get yelled at a lot.  I also feel like I cant keep track of time at all.  I get bad grades because my school work was always late. My peers tell me that I ramble on and cant stop talking.  I have no stopping point. I say what is on my mind, things that people would normally keep in their head.  Kids misunderstand me and think I am crazy or weird. Medicine has improved my life.

As a parent with a child with ADHD every day is difficult.  To get homework done is a monumental task.  Children with ADHD require more guidance, protection, advocacy, love, nurturance, teaching, monitoring, organizing, all at the same time they try your patience in a way no other child can.  We have all made huge progress. What works now didnt work a year ago and may not work next year. It is really hard living and coping with a child with this disorder.
 There is no way to cure ADHD but there are ways to help cope with it. The most popular and effective way to treat ADHD is with amphetamines such as Methlphenidate and Dextroamphetamine. These drugs alter the way signals are transmitted in the brain. Various drugs work on different parts of the signal transmission system. That is why sometimes one drug will work and not another.

Ritalin (methylphenidate) is the most popular drug for ADHD. It requires no special monitoring. They are easy to crush can be given in anything sticky for children who cannot swallow pills. It is usually given at breakfast, lunch, and after school. Sadly its a lot like speed and is abused a lot. You can get high if you crush it and smoke it. Because so many teenagers are doing this, its becoming harder and harder to get Ritalin, even if you have ADHD.  Another drug is Dexedrine. This is the oldest drug used for ADHD. The tablets last about 6 hours at the most. That means two or three doses a day. There are some children who will respond to short acting Dexedrine and nothing else. A lot of people dont like to keep taking pills so there are LongActing Stimulants. Dexedrine Spansules are the first choice for stimulant treatment in most children with ADHD. They look like cold pills and last about 12 hours, according to  ADHD Medications for Children. Keep Kids Healthy - Free Pediatric Parenting Advice. Web. 27 Feb. 2013. <>.

Concerta is a pill that is different and releases the drug over time so its like taking Ritalin three times a day. This has been prescribed for over 50 years to improve the symptoms in adults the best. The side effects are the same as with the shortacting Ritalin. So there are fewer mood swings as the drug wears off. But this drug is more expensive than the other stimulants. Concerta costs about a hundred and twenty dollars for 20 tablets, whereas the other pills are about a hundred for a monthly dose.

There is a big benefit with all pills with minimal side effects. Some of the common side effects are restlessness or jitters, loss of appetite, headaches, stomachaches, and mood swings. The less common are dizziness, racing heartbeat, depression or tics. All the medication information came from Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Treatments and Drugs
- Mayo Clinic Medical Information and Tools for Healthy Living Web. 27 Feb. 2013.

A lot of parents dont like to put there child on drugs for the rest of there lives. So they try to do training to help manage behavior. This is less effective on most children but studies have shown that it does help. Things a parent can try to do are:

   Be clear about what needs to be done
   Do one thing at a time
   Choosing battles (ignore a little fidgeting and offer praise when they sit still)
   Using the time-out method
   Using the when and then method to control bad behaviors ( when he climbs all over the clothing racks while shopping, then he will need to spend more time helping with chores at home)
   Let them try to figure things out
   Give rewards when they do something good or right
   Using color charts at home to track progress of behavior (use his favorite color for good behavior, and his least favorite for bad)
   Practicing good behaviors and pointing out unwanted behaviors before going to public places
   The biggest thing of all is to have a strict day to day schedule.

Even if your child is taking medication these things also help ease stress. A lot of doctors find that if the parent does this that the dosages of the medication can be lowered. About half of the children with ADHD will continue to have troublesome symptoms of inattention or impulsivity as adults. However, adults are often more capable of controlling behavior and masking difficulties if they are well controlled as a child. So when they are adults it will barely be noticeable and they can live a perfectly normal life. Behavioral Treatment for ADHD: An Overview. At Health Mental Health. Web. 18 Apr. 2010. <>.
Just like any disorder ADHD has some typical characteristics but affects each person a little
differently.  Some people take medications, but that needs to be a personal decision based on
how you cope with ADHD in day to day life.  Unfortunately, studies show that people with
ADHD can also commonly have other issues like depression. So it can be a balancing act to keep
things easier to deal with on a day to day basis. Barkley, Russell A. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 3rd ed. New York: Guilford, 2006. Print. A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment.



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