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The Top Mommy Blogs Directory is in for some major changes over the next few months!

Change is always scary but sometime inevitable. Kind of like how some of you have moved from Blogger to Wordpress (or vice versa)... it's my turn to move platforms.  This will be TMB's 2nd move. So it'll be TMB 3.0!

I absolutely love the current system and have spent countless {too many} hours tinkering, customizing and often crashing it but I've done all that I can do with it and the wish list has outgrown it's usability. It's time for a new platform. There were some broken parts of it that just couldn't be fixed and that doesn't work with how big the site is getting. Maybe I can even get the forum to bridge w/the directory!!

I'm going to do my best to keep the changes to a minimal and make things a seamless as possible for users and to keep the site live. While of course there will be some growing pains and I'll probably crash it a few times during the transition to the new system. I've seen some of the new features and I think we will all be excited about the additional features like:
  • Better stats
  • Voting on a listing as well as from a blog referral
  • Mobile responsiveness (for on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc)
  • A gateway page (some love this option, some don't)
  • Better navigation
  • Paid premium listings

I haven't installed the new system yet (too much laundry  :'( ) so can't make any promises but I do plan on working with the developers to make sure it had all the features it had before plus any that I was hoping to implement. Now would be an excellent time to chime in with feature requests.

**Summer 2015 Update** Still have too much laundry but the new system is well underway! I don't have a launch date but I'm hoping to make the switch by Fall.



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