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Fun day for the kids
« on: Mar 13, 2016 @ 04:57 PM »
My kids just got over being sick and are also going through a hard time with the divorce. Me and my ex are both working together very well and talking to our boys about it as much as we can so that they understand and feel better about it, but last week after being sick they just kind of had a hard time. So I decided to have a fun weekend with them. We went down to Salt Lake City and had a whole day of fun and no worries. We went up in the afternoon on Friday and stayed in a hotel. There we check in went straight to the room and changed into our swimming suits, and went down to the pool and swam for hours. After that we went and had dinner and went straight to bed. Swimming so long really tiered us out. We woke up really early the next morning to start our fun day. First of all, we needed to get some food in our bellies to start the day off right, so we went over to my cousinís house and she made us all a big breakfast. I told her about our plans for the day and she was eager to join. I was so glad she did because I donít know what I would have done without her. Two boys running around one being 6 and the other 3 was a bit if a handful, but still a great time.
 After breakfast we went to the childrenís museum and that I think was the best part. After we paid we walk in and see a big air machine where you put balls through tubes and see where they go. We spent a lot of time at that, and my boys were laughing the whole time. After that there was a part in the museum that was centered around adult life and make it fun. There was a construction site where kids could build things out of foam like block and they even had little construction equipment, that was my oldest favorite part. He loves building and creating new things. There was also a play farm area where you could pick some toy food and take it to the grocery store where there you could shop for everything and have it rung up. My youngest liked the part where you could be a mechanic. He fixed on the engine and even changed the tiers. He loves cars and loves fixing on then=m as well, he helps his dad out a lot with that, so I thought it was pretty awesome he could work on one his own size. They also had a part in the museum that had a helicopter and a medical area, so the kids could pretend to be patients or doctors and ride in the helicopter to get to the hospital.
After the museum we went to the planetarium. Where we saw the faces of the moon, a big electric glob, facts on the different plants, and how much we weighed on each one, and they had up a place where we could take pictures and it looks like we were on mars or the moon, but my favorite part of the planetarium was learning about thermal image. We stood in front of the thermal camera and saw our self on a big screen. In front of where we were standing there where metal pictures that were either hot or cold. We would put our hands on the images and lift them up to the camera, then we would see the picture on our hand either really blue (for cold) or a dark red (for hot). At the end we went in to the gift shop where the boys got to pick out a couple toys. At the end of a log fun filled day we say our goodbyes to my cousin and went back to the hotel we once again eat and went straight to bed.
Being a single parent is hard especially when your children are having a hard time with it. So why not go and take your kids out and do something fun, so they can have a day without thinking about the hard times, and just being able to forget, have fun, and be a kid again. Iím not saying you need to go and spend a lot of money for a fun day, you can take them to the park, or go on a hike to go out and see nature. Iím not even saying you need to take them out every time they are sad or upset, just take them out every once in a while and let them run around, be crazy scream, and laugh. Just let them have their moments where they can just be a kid with no worries in the world.



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