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Why i started blogging
« on: Mar 06, 2016 @ 10:44 PM »
I joined this blog site because I recently became a mother at a young age and a single mother recently and I want to tell my story and possible help with other single mother out there or any young mothers as well. I have gone through many struggle in my life with my kids and all that a mom can hope for is that their doing a good job and Im here to say that you are. You are your worst critic and youre doing a lot better than you think. Through the hardest times I had to go through I didnt feel like a very good mother and thankfully I had someone to tell me that I was being a good mom and reassure me that I was doing the best that I could do. My first hardest experience was with my oldest son and it was the day I went into labor with him. He was 2 months premature Christmas eve morning and there was a blizzard outside. I live in a small town and they werent equipped to deliver such a premature baby so they had to send people over from Pocatello in the ambulance, they could have life flight come because the blizzard was so bad it wasnt safe enough conditions for them to fly in. I had my baby boy and he weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces. As soon as I had him at 9:00am they put him in a travel crib and left. I didnt get to hold him or even see him before he left. They transferred him to Pocatello while I had to stay behind, so when I got there that night at 10:30 it was the first time seeing him and I just broke down in tears. He had to different tubes coming out of his nose and a IV out of his head. He was enclosed in a care crib and I wasnt able to touch him. It was a very hard moment in my life because I was scared for my sons life and I thought it was all my fault and that already I was starting out to be a bad mom. The reason I say this is because the day before I went on a 2-3 mile walk to my husband at the time work to bring him his food because I had forgotten to pack it for him and then I walked another 2-3 miles back home. I feel still to this day that is why my water broke and I went into labor I feel it was my fault and I caused him to come early. I thought I was the worst mom ever, But I had my mom telling me I couldnt stop it and it wasnt my fault, and that its not like I asked for it to happen and the more and more she talked to me and gave me encouragement I felt more and more better about what was going on. I knew my boy would make it and that I was going to try and be the best mom I could be for him. I had another scare just like that and felt that exact way that is was all my fault. But this time it was with my youngest boy. He was 2 months old and had what I though was a really bad cold that wouldnt go away. Him being my second boy I knew that taking him to the doctors wouldnt do anything and that they couldnt prescribe anything to make it go away. But one day he was sleeping so mush, he would rarely be awake. So I take him to the doctor and they took him straight to the hospital. he was diagnosed with RSV and the reason he was sleeping so much was because he wasnt getting much oxygen. He had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks and during that time he was coughing so bad that he stopped breathing completely. The nurse that was in there with me grabbed him out of my hands and took him to the ICU and her the doctor and a few other nurses started clearing out his throat and performing CPR. Luckily they got his breathing started again and he was ok. During that whole time, I felt like a bad mom again and thought that it could have been better, or he wouldnt be as sick if I took him in early but the doctor reassured me that there was no way bringing him earlier would have made a difference, and my mother again telling me Im doing good, doing all that I can, and that I am a great mother. These two difficult times and many other is why I decided to write my blogs about being a single mother. I want to help other single moms out there, and to let them know that there are doing a great job. Being a mom is hard, but being a single mom I think is even harder. You have to be a mom and a dad, you have to work, clean, cook dinner, and take care of your boys. Your house will be messy sometimes and you may just have T.V. dinners, but just know that you are doing a fantastic job even if youre not giving it your all and doing everything perfect you are still doing great and being a wonderful mom.



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