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My life wasn't easy from the beginning when me and my younger sister lost our mother, I was almost 7 years old, my sister was 5. It's obvious that things wouldn't get "normal" anymore but they could get better at least. They never did though. I was growing up to this decision for years fighting for me and my sister in an environment full of disrespect, anger and hate. I was the stronger one protecting my sister so when I was 21 I finally felt that she was ready to take care of herself fully I decided to move out and I came here! From Poland to Georgia, USA.

I started over with everything and things got better than I thought they would. I have a family now! Got married to the best man in the world, became a mother of his now 7-year-old daughter and then gave birth to our now 8-month-old girl.

I write about everything from the beginning of my journey right before I left Poland. I talk about my experiences from before, about my way of seeing the world, my lifestyle, our way of being with kids and with other people in general. There are some health issues I talk about as well, I'm going to undergo a preventive double mastectomy and I want to share the whole experience to these who think about doing the same but aren't sure yet. Main thing though is my family and this is what I focus on the most.

Feel free to check out my blog , follow me on Instagram and send me e-mail

I'll see you soon :)

Feel invited to check out my blog and follow me on social media! :)



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