Real Or Fake?

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Real Or Fake?
« on: Apr 27, 2016 @ 08:02 AM »
I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids. two little girls (7 months & 6 yrs. old) and a little man (2yrs old).  A few nights ago my husband got up with the youngest, she needed her bottle. When he went into her room her light was on. Remind you this is at 1:30am. My 6 year old was at her dads house, and my 2 year old was in bed with us. I do not get up with my little girl , I leave for work at 4am so my hubby gets up :). so we kind of just brushed it off till a few nights after that happened,  my son, hubby and I were playing on the couch together when all of a sudden my little man starts to panic and places his hands over his eyes.. I stopped and ask what he was scared of , he said the ghost.. I said buddy there isn't a ghost (then I remembered my youngest light being on at wee hours of the morning.) he said "yes mommy there is" I asked him where . and he responds with "in baby's room" . now I'm freaking out and my husbands laughing, I asked him if the ghost said anything to him, he told me yes. and refused to say a word to me, lets just say he slept with me in my bed that night. the next morning , my husband and I are at work and our baby sitter is at our house, and my little man is begging her to take him to Papa's house (my dads).. seems pretty normal but my dad maybe has seen my son only a hand full of times, and that was before he was 2 so he doesn't know my dad well enough to want to go over to his house... kind of putting everything together my momma died in 2012, I wonder if that is what my little man is seeing and the reason why he would want to go to my dads house...

Please tell me if I am overreacting :) :) please!!



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