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Travel while parenting
« on: Dec 30, 2015 @ 10:17 PM »

I just found out I would become a mom and I am so excited about it that I can't wait for my baby to born. Even though my husband and I are super happy, we love to travel and have dedicated our lives to discover the world, and now we are kind of worry about how to get together traveling and parenting.

We have been looking for recommendations from experienced parents that have been in the same position as we are and they have told us this:

1.  Let your kid to be older than a year old
This would give you the opportunity to be aware what a be a parent feels like and also know better your kid. You will also give the chance to your baby to recognize his place and get adapted to you.

2. Never left your baby alone or unattended
Even though you might be wanna be climbing or swimming, you need to take with you your baby at any time, but also you can switch with your partner to look after the baby whenever you want to try any "risky" activity.

3.Make your baby part of your trip
Even if your baby is too little, explain to him/her everything about the place where you are. Give him a try of the food to get familiarize with different flavors, make him feel loved and welcomed.

4. Try to get him in touch with other kids
Children needs to be around other children, do not make your child a mini-grownup just because you are use to hang out with adults, try to find kids activities where he/she can get related to other kids.

I believe they are really good tips, but if you have some others or would like to share with me your own experience It would be amazing.

Thanks for reading,




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