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Hello There!
« on: Mar 22, 2013 @ 12:29 PM »
Hi All, my name's Emma and I am currently in the process of adding the finishing touches to my personal blog.
It will contain a variety of mish-mash, highly likely to contain my random outbursts, shocking confessions and much more!
Usually it's me building blogs, forums and websites for others but after much thought... I thought that I would give the blogging a go myself!
What the hell, I've got nothing to lose!
Quite therapeutic to be honest  ;D
I tend to be more of an observer than a participator when it comes to on-line discussions, it's a case of been there done that and all is repetitive and predictable etc!
I'm being honest. It's very rare that something captures my attention! That sounds awful! I don't mean it in an awful way, honest!
But this blogging thing, I was quite surprised on how much I enjoyed reading some here and there and realised, it's not all about babies and parenting, and baking and chores and snotty noses etc. It's about gaining some form of sanity... well for me anyway! Finding yourself too amongst the dust and the cobwebs!
The first time I built my blog, I posted absolutely loads and was feeling rather proud until embarrassingly... I buggered it all up! (Don't ask).
So now I have started from scratch... again  :-[
Hoping to make many friends along the way, a rare thing!
Adult conversation is very... very limited... my conversations are mostly on a three year old level who enjoys saying "kiss my buttcrack" a lot despite corrections!
Anyway, hope I haven't bored you already!

All the best,

Emma xx



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