Author Topic: Can't wait to chat with people who speak in more than 3 word sentences!  (Read 3142 times)

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Hi! I'm Jen from Nashville,TN.
I'm a brand new blogger and I have No.Idea.What. I'm. Doing. I started blogging about a week ago and I feel like my brain is bleeding just from trying to learn Wordpress!
I'm a SAHM to 5 kids: 11,8,4, and 2 year old twins - although saying you "Stay at Home" when you have 5 kids is a total misnomer. I WISH I could stay at home, then maybe my house wouldn't look like a war zone.
I used to be a professional musician (loooong time ago) and now I teach piano part time. My husband is a theater teacher at a private school. I blog about making big family life work on an artist's income.
I found this site while looking for some other mama blogs to follow, and I'm so happy to be here!
Can't wait to find a community!

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Hi Jen! Welcome to the blog world.  I am a newbie too trying to figure all of this out.  I started in Nov. 2013, got off to a fantastic start and stopped dead in my tracks.  I kinda freaked out.  I think the main problem was  I had  A LOT to post about, but no pictures to go with the post so I FROZE.  I miss it.  I LOVED my start!! I am praying that I can get back in the saddle again and just Go For IT!! Maybe we could be bloggy friends.  I just sometimes need someone to bounce ideas and questions off of.  Best of Luck with your Blog!! :) By the way, I am only 2hrs from Nashville!  ;D
Gretchen Neal - Blogging @

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Hi Jen,

Welcome. Wow 5 children, how do you do it? I think one is a lot of work 😊 Hope you will enjoy it here.

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Hi Jenn!

You and your blog sound very interesting and I look forward to checking it out! We have a small family (one kid), but I come from a big family growing up (12 kids). I like your niche that you are expressing caring for a big family on a small income, because that can be very helpful and encouraging to me and many others, as many have tight budgets and need to find there ways with contentment and joy!

I'll check out your blog.

Shawna Marie
Wife, Mom, and Hobbyist, Video Series Maker and Editor, Hospitality Lover

Writing a blog "From Shawna Marie With Love", within the pages of a website for new moms (  I seek to be there for all moms --  especially for the new ones! I know it can be scary.

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well hello everyone!
So nice to get a howdy back! I can't wait to check out all your blogs.
To the question about how do I handle five kids: I've got NO idea. It's kinda like driving in the rain, you just hold your breath and try not to think about it too much! :P

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Haha it would be nice to talk to someone who actually speaks!!! I have a nearly 6mo girl and 2 yo with a limited vocabulary. I feel your pain!

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Hi Jenn,
Welcome to Top Mommy Blogs! 

I'm a newbie too, started in October.  This is a great community to meet other mom's who are overwhelmed by the 3-word sentences too.. :)

We're glad you're here, looking forward to connecting with you.
01/09/2018 I'm back to blogging, took a break and now I'm back. Super excited to get things going!

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Check out my blog at
 Look forward to reading your blog as well!



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