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7 Tips to relax after a hard day.
« on: Jan 06, 2016 @ 05:19 PM »
We all have had those days in which we are looking for a mental, physical and emotional break at the end of a long and hard day. And this is not an exclusive feeling for students, professionals or business people, all the stress and fatigue also affects mommies.

-Im knackered! Shouted Jenny, she's a teacher and a first-time mommy.
So, if you're having a hurried and hard day full of scholar activities, follow this easy tips to stop feeling exhausting and start relaxing.

1.   Who says that candles are just for romance? It is scientifically proved that the intensity of the artificial light affects not just our eyes but also our nervous system. Imagine how your environment would change in the moment you arrive home, turn off the lights and instead turn a candle. Maybe you could use some lavender scents and take a read on your favorite book too, and surely you and your body are going to start feeling stress and tiredness going away. 

2.   Have you ever heard the funny quotes A beer a day keeps a doctor away? Or what about Start your day with coffee and end it with wine? No, this are not what a drunker would say, not at all! These quotes are completely true; drinking small drinks of alcohol have some benefits to your cardiovascular and nervous system. So, forget a little bit about exams, homework and classes and Cheers up!

3.   Movie night! Who doesn't like movies? Maybe you can take a warm blanket and a cup of tea and relax watching a good movie or some series at

4.   Take it off and bring the pjs on! We are always taking care and thinking about how we should dress, especially girls. It comes a moment on the day that we really need to take out that tight pants or suit and tie and throw them away. So when you have finished your student day get a comfortable dressing. You may feel free again! 

5. Avoid driving; if you need to go somewhere or pick up someone you can ask for a private transportation service and forget about all driving problems like stress, traffic, parking, etc. is a very good option.

6.   Do you have a dog? A quick walk is a perfect way for you and your dog (in case you have one) to get exercised and relax. It is also scientifically proved that live or interact with a dog helps to decrease the stress and fatigue levels. You can walk around your neighborhood or maybe go to a park and get involved with nature too. So you know it, get a new friend, forget about problems and start being loved by your dog.

7.   Good news! It turns out that eating a chocolate could result a very grateful thing for your health. Truthfully, chocolate brings to you good feelings, and this because when you eat it, chocolate boost your levels of neurotransmitter dopamine and serotonin, which make you instantly get relaxed and in a good mood. 



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