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TMB 3.0 Changelog
« on: Nov 04, 2015 @ 10:42 AM »
I'm going to use this thread to list and talk about changes for the new version of Top Mommy Blogs. I can't believe how long it's taking me but it's going to be great. I've posted a few sneak peaks on Facebook. Anything listed below refers to the upcoming system not the current system... so these are not yet in effect.

Once we move to the next version, all members will need to reset their passwords to login. Make sure you know your username

Upcoming changes/additions:

Banner Uploads VS. URLs
This is a big one! So many of us struggled with having to add a URL to add a banner instead of a simple upload banner. We'll now have an upload banner option and got rid of the add url option.

Screenshots have been added to your listing pages and are used for featured listings and to showcase new members and top recruiters in the sidebar. Banners are still used on cards so you'll have more control of the first impression but screenshots will play a larger part on your profile page. You can refresh your screenshot in the account area (and there are tips in the new FAQ's for improving your screenshot).

FAB Club (Upgraded Listings)
The new version will have two listing options! Basic (very similar to what you currently have) and upgraded listings. Upgraded listings will have bolder cards (cards are your listings on the ranking pages where all the blogs are displayed), added profile page options and will have the majority of the space in the featured listings area at the top of each page. Upgraded listings, a.k.a FAB Club members, will have more profile options to connect more with brands as well as readers.

FAB Club member will get to build an About The Blogger section which includes a profile picture, how long you've been blogging and a chance to talk about you vs. your blog. There are several other great features, one of the best being visitors can vote directly from your profile page.

Another plus is a few free votes each month. Not enough to skyrocket your listing but enough to keep you listed if you remove your banner or take a blogging break. FAB Club members won't become de-listed for inactivity.

Comment System Changed - Rating Removed
I was torn on this one but decided to move forward using Disqus as a new comment system. Unfortunately, old comments can not be carried forward. I know  :'( But this will greatly decrease any spam or bullying comments since login is required. No more anonymous comments! Log in is eashy enough though since you can use Facebook, Twitter, etc to connect. Disqus is one of the largest commenting systems and besides spam control it also has social sharing and it's own built in rating system.

While the rating system has been removed I really miss those cupcakes so I do hope to implement something in the future but it will more likely be a Like/Love sort of thing. Similar to being able to give someone a martini here on the forum.

Automatic referrals (Refer A Friend)
I'm enhancing the referral system so if a visitor clicks through from your {registered} blog and ends up joining TMB, you'll get credit for that sign up. To refer bloggers via social media, newsletters, forums etc there will be a special referral link to use.

Currently (on the upcoming release) these are the planned to referring new members:
  • Your recruits are listed on your profile page (adds a whole new section to your profile page)
  • You're listed as the recruiter on each of your recruits profile pages (linked back to your profile)
  • The top 3 recruiters are listed on the sidebar of each page including mobile w/a screenshot
  • There's a new Top Recruiters page/sorting option ranking members who have referred other members

Right now, you can find your referral link on your account dashboard (Refer a friend link). It looks like this: <-- replace USERNAME with your username.

Your current referrals will be imported to the new system so I encourage you to use your link on your blog, social media, etc. There is a banner available here (log in required; scroll down towards the bottom of the banner page to the Refer A Friend section). You can start growing your flock now!
I'm Blogging From...
A blogging from option was added to all listings. You can put your state or United States and a few other options in and your state or country icon will appear on your profile page. This is primarily for US residents. More locals will be added. This addition also makes a huge step/change in searching. Location search is now available. If you're looking for fellow California bloggers, you can search California and find some. A map has been added to the search page as well.

RSS Import Change
Previously your posts were imported to your profile page based on the RSS settings of your blogs homepage, not the feed URL you entered. This will change. Now the posts that show will be from what you enter into the RSS field. While now it won't be automatic (you have to add an RSS feed for posts to show) you will have more control. You can add a Facebook or Twitter feed for example or a category specific feed.



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