Author Topic: How do I best preserve my family's identity and still keep my readers interested  (Read 2448 times)

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Hi guys!  I am struggling between really wanting to show pictures of my sweet kids, and wanting to conceal their identity.

I really would like to show just a few pictures of my children in the beginning, just to provide my readers a little window into our lives (I have some great ones).  In the beginning I will not be listing my location, but in the future I would like to do use my blog to connect with the community and do some charity work - and would like to list my location down the road. 

Here are my thoughts.  Can I show just a few pictures now, change my children's names - and after I get a following (hopefully I get a following), I can delete the past posted pictures when I add a location?

Does that seem safe to you?  Thanks!

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I am not sure what everyone else does BUT on my blog we have blurred the faces of the kids so you can not really make out what they look like.  That is a tough call.  I would love to use more pics.  I love the blogs taht have pics on them BUT dont know that I necessarily want my kiddos images out there for whoever to view.

Good luck on making your decision!


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From a mom's point a view as well as someone who reviews hundreds of blogs weekly, here is my advice:

Yes, add pics & names! BUT... do some creative photography, photo editing and change the names to protect the innocent!. Make these changes to where you feel comfortable.

A visual and reference of your life/fam is so important for the tone of your blog as well as readership so don't shy away from the reveal but get creative with it. For example only post side or back shots, maybe just show the activity but not the actual child or get creative and blur/stripe out just enough to conceal your identity. I've seen many blogs where they place a black, tape-like stripe over everyone's eyes. If done well, it's kind of a fun and catchy effect. Same with names. Use a first initial or nickname. As long as you are constant, people will catch on.

I think this question is something we all really struggle with. How much do we want to put ourselves our our family's out there?!?



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