Free WP Themes and Scrap Kits

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Free WP Themes and Scrap Kits
« on: Feb 11, 2017 @ 11:12 AM »
Hi all,
If this is not the right place, please move it...

Wanted to let you ladies (and gents) know I have 5 free wordpress themes on TSC's main blogshop.
The direct link is up now (scroll toward bottom of product) at least untill I add this product to the store, but you can create an account to get updates on freebies etc, if you have not yet downloaded any freebies from the blog.
I will be adding more as I sort through stuff.... so take advantage because I have many great ebooks, and other software for blogs etc....some of which I will offer for free also.....

Go to the blog shop to download.....

UPDATE: July 29th, 2017

My new digital store has it's own freebie section now.

I have already added several, and will add many more over the next few weeks and months.

There will be some freebies that you will find a direct download link to, but to avoid mis use, and pirating, I have most freebies set with a coupon code.
This is to be added to the cart at check out, and will take the 10 cents the freebies are priced at, to zero cost.

The freebie code is "UseMe4Freebies"

and will only work on any freebies in the cart. Visit

to see what freebies are available......

PLUS, Every Friday a new gift is added to our Treasure Chest and you can search for a new downloadable prize can just by browsing the store..
On one of the DSC store pages, you will get a memo pop in front of you saying
that you found this weeks prize. It will look like a yellow sticky pad type object.
All you have to do is click the memo and you are instantly taken to the download.
The trick is you will not know where to find the prize on any given week, and
of course it will change from page to page randomly until you find it, and every week it will be replaced with a new one. Some special weeks, you might even find
more than one, I tend to get more generous towards the holidays, and Halloween is
not that far off
Prizes will be everything from paper packs, alphas, full and mini kits, it could be something
from the store, or something totally new, but it will be a useful, commercial use item for you. If you find the weekly treasure, you should not see the same memo again, until a new one is set for the next week.
Anyway, this weeks download prize is set in place, all you gotta do is browse my store. Discover this weeks treasure now. Go to the store to search.  There be treasure waiting!

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Re: Free WP Themes and Scrap Kits
« Reply #1 on: Jul 30, 2017 @ 08:15 AM »
Hello folks, the above freebie post has been modified and updated with new info....

I have also begun both an affiliate program, and a vendor program at my digital store.

The information and the how to apply, is on the store site if you are interested in either sellling digital
products, or want to earn a little extra promoting a sale of products you like.




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