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  • Pre-Signup Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can sign up for Top Mommy/Daddy Blogs?

    Individual* Mommy & Daddy bloggers who have been blogging for at least 3 months and who's blogs are written with a perspective as a parent. Blogs don't have to be solely about parenting, of course, but it should be very obvious very quickly that it is a parent behind the blog.

    If you are a company or an affiliate with a blog, please understand that this is a very small niche directory and we differentiate between resources for moms or dad and a mommy/daddy blog. If you have a website or blog that is a great resource for parents and that would benefit from TMB's audience but not necessarily a mommy/daddy blog, than consider advertising on Top Mommy Blogs instead.

    *Collaborative blogs welcomed w/3 or less regular contributors. Blogs consisting of mainly community or guest posts/articles are not accepted.

  • I haven't been blogging for 3 months yet. Can I apply anyway?

    Please don't! We don't have a "waiting area" in our review queue.

    Blog are either accepted or not and currently we can only notify accepted blogs. If you apply too early, your blog will be deleted and you won't get any sort of notification. Unfortunately there are too many submissions to hold on to any blogs waiting to qualify. Only submit your blog when it's ready and meets all the submission guidelines.

  • Are All Blogging Platforms Compatible?

    Most but some blog platforms are not 100% compatible. HTTPS blogs need special attention. For example, if you run a free Wordpress.Com hosted blog and your URL looks like this, then you'll have to use a special voting link (given to you in your control panel) in order to track votes.

  • What is a vote and how do I get them?

    A vote is a unique referral from your blog. You'll place a super cool Top Mommy Blogs banner in your sidebar, sig, footer, etc. When it's clicked by your readers and they visit TMB, that's a vote. Votes improve your rank which get your blog seen by even more readers, companies, pr professionals, etc. We call it the circle of awesomeness. Just don't add voting as a giveaway entry option. Asking for votes in giveaways is not awesome nor is anything that artificially inflates rankings.

  • Why are coupon blogs not on page 1, 2, 3, etc?

    Coupon blogs, with listing & directory style 3rd party postings, often do not contain enough "unique and original content" to qualify under our submission guidelines. BUT we absolutely love them and they are often driven by moms. So we more lenient in approving them but because of this they are restricted to their category. Don't worry though, the coupon category is very popular, ranks well in search engines and it even has it's own URL & badges.

    FAB Club coupon category members DO appear on the FAB Club ranking page.

    If you are a coupon mommy blogger, please do apply. There's more info and tips on this lounge discussion.. If you feel your blog does contain lots of unique & original content it may be more suited for the Frugal Living category which does appear ranking pages.

  • Do I have to display a TMB badge on my blog?

    Yes! We don't charge listing fees so placing a TMB badge on your blog not only acts as your membership dues, it also boosts your rank.

    With out a banner for people to click on and vote, your blog will not be listed. This is an activity centric & ranked directory based on the amount of votes/referrals you send in so adding a TMB banner/link is crucial. No votes = no rank = not listed.

    We've worked hard to make sure the banners are attractive to enhance your sidebar. Ugly banners are not cool. If you remove your TMB badge, that tells us you don't want to participate anymore. Your listing will automatically become unlisted due to inactivity and your account would be slated for removal.

    FAB members will get 5 free votes each week so will not be de-listed for inactivity but it's highly recommended since that one vote will only keep you listed. One vote will not improve your rank which in turn improves your visibility.

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Important Information & Member Rules

  1. Submit only blogs with at least 3 months of recent, consecutive posts. Archive required.
  2. Blogs only (chronological regularly updated posts). No article/magazine style websites.
  3. Unique & original content required. Posts should contain personality & feeling that reflect your insight as an individual mom or dad (not a community, via guest posts, business or affiliate).
  4. Coupon blogs are not held to the "unique & original content" rule as strictly but are restricted to category pages only.
  5. No useless*, spam, hate, illegal, made for ads (MFA) blogs or blogs infringing on others trademarks or copyrights, etc blogs allowed.
  6. Play nice! This is a friendly and family oriented community. Any person acting in a negative way or harming the integrity of this site (on or off TMB) may be removed.
  7. Any attempt to artificially inflate votes or encourage methods that burden our servers is not allowed. This means spam, multiple clicks, pop-ups/unders, proxy votes etc. We're moms... no cheating!
  8. Participation required! You must maintain a link to TopMommyBlogs.Com in your blogs' sidebar. If you remove it or never add one, your account will be removed.
  9. We reserve the right to review, edit or reject any listing with out notice if we feel* that your blog lacks original and unique content or relevancy to this site.
  10. You may not bribe or force a vote (i.e. Vote for me to enter my contest). See the FAQ's for acceptable link usage
  11. Blogs with no votes after 30 days are automatically removed from public view until you resume voting activity again. Accounts with no activity after 90 days may be deleted for inactivity. You may sign up again when you resume blogging. Keeping the TMB banner up tells ensures continued votes and a continued listing.

* At or sole discretion. We are not interested in posts that are mainly:  ads, promos or solicitations; have little personal, unique or original content; have an infomercial/affiliate/sales pitch style or if we feel your blog is mainly postings of coupons, recipes or contest you are not involved with.

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