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Pre-Signup Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for Top Mommy Blogs?

Mommy bloggers! Or more specifically.. mom/kid/family themed mommy blogs who have been blogging for at least 3 months. We do differentiate between resources for moms vs. a blog by a mom. For this small niche directory, there's a difference and we're looking for the latter. If your website is a fantastic resource for moms but not necessarily a mommy blog than consider advertising on Top Mommy Blogs.

What does being a member of Top Mommy Blogs mean?

It means you're awesome! And that you are part of an elite group of mommy bloggers. TMB is a ranked directory which means blogs are displayed by referrals (a.k.a votes) vs. alphabetical or by sign up date. So the more active a blog, the higher it will be listed. Inactive blogs fall of the rankings. Your readers will "vote" for you simply by clicking a TMB badge on your blog. Votes improve your rank which helps get your blog seen by even more readers, companies, pr professionals, etc. We call it the circle of awesomeness.

What is a vote? How will i get votes?

Each time (once per 24 hours) a visitors at your blog clicks a TMB badge and visit TopMommyBlogs.Com from your blog, that's a vote. That's it! Place the TMB badge on your sidebar, blog signature, header/footer or anywhere you think they'll get noticed and clicked. Just please don't add voting as a giveaway entry option. That's a no-no here for various reasons.

Does my blog have to be personal?

Not necessarily but kind of. TMB isn't a business directory or general blog directory. It's a human reviewed/edited mommy blog directory where our readers come to read about the lives of other moms. So we (as reviewers and readers) are looking for actual MOM BLOGGERS. Therefore, blogs must have an obvious and strong mom's approach/opinion/theme and relate to the life as a parent, from a moms point of view (not a community or generic website for parent). If your blog is a business, keep the following in mind:

  • It should have a behind the scenes feel; the mom behind the shop for example, with posts vs. articles, I vs us/our/we, and be appropriate for this very small niche directory.
  • If your blog is just a portion of a larger website, please submit the direct link to the blog section (vs. your homepage or it will likely be rejected for not being a blog).
  • If we review your blog and have to ask, "Where's the MOMMY here?" then your blog likely won't be accepted.
  • If your website is a fantastic resource for moms but not necessarily a mommy blog itself than consider banner advertising on Top Mommy Blogs

The frugal living & coupon categories.. what's the diff?

Sometimes there's a fine line between the two but the key difference is unique and original content. The frugal living category is for bloggers who write about living frugally with lots of unique and original content. On the other hand, if your blog if generally passing on info from other websites, companies or blogs like giveaways, coupon round-ups, codes, etc, then this does not fall under what we consider to be "unique and original" content and would more likely accepted if you select the coupon category during sign up. Because we are more lenient on approving members into the coupon category, it has been separated from the main ranking pages and we ask that you don't change categories w/out approval. See this FAQ for more...

Do I have to add a banner to my blog?

Yes! This is a ranked directory based on the amount of votes you send in so adding a TMB banner/link is crucial. No votes = no rank = not listed. Plus we've worked hard to make sure the banners are attractive to enhance your sidebar. Ugly banners are not cool.

Most blogs receive way more traffic back than they ever send in so it's a very well worth it to add to your blog and participate.

If you have other questions, please or refer to the full Frequently Asked Questions page for more info.

Start Here: Grab A TMB Badge

Copy/paste this to your blogs sidebar:

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Important Information & Member Rules

  1. Blogs only (chronological and regularly updated posts; blog = web log).
  2. Unique & Original Content. Posts should contain personality, feeling or reviews that reflect your insight as a mom (not a community, business or affiliate).
  3. Established blogs with at least 3 completed months of recent, consecutive posts. An archive is required for review. 
  4. No useless*, spam, hate, illegal, made for ads (MFA) blogs or blogs infringing on others trademarks or copyrights, etc blogs allowed.
  5. Play nice! TMB admins & members are not here to be abused, bullied, harassed, etc. This is a free, friendly and family oriented community and any person acting in a negative way or harming the integrity of this site (on or off TMB) will be removed.
  6. Any attempt to artificially inflate referrals or encourage methods that burden our servers is not allowed. This means spam, multiple clicks, pop-ups/unders, proxy votes etc.
  7. You must maintain a link to TopMommyBlogs.Com in your blogs sidebar.
  8. We reserve the right to review, edit or reject any listing with out notice if we feel* that your blog lacks original and unique content, relevancy to this site or if in anyway your blog or conduct is harmful/hurtful to the creators or any members of TMB. 
  9. You may not bribe or force a vote (i.e. Vote for me to enter my contest). See the FAQ's for acceptable link usage
  10. Ranking pages do not update in real time! It may take anywhere from 60 mins to 24 hours for ranks to update accordingly and new blogs to appear.
  11. Accounts with no referrals after 90 days may be removed for inactivity.

* At or sole discretion. If the majority of your posts are: articles, ads, promos or solicitations; have little personal, unique or original content; have an infomercial/sales pitch feel or if we feel your blog is mainly a directory (i.e. listing off coupons, recipes or contest you are not involved with) it's not really what we are looking for.

If your website/blog is a good resource for parents or women but doesn't fit the criteria for listing, you may want to consider advertising on Top Mommy Blogs instead. See here for more info and rates.


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