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  • Gardening to Cure Anxiety
    I have always considered myself to have a black thumb. It always seemed like I couldn’t maintain a plant at all. They always seemed to die under my care. I don’t know if it was my enthusiasm to water them or if I gave them too much or not enough light, but it just never seemed to work outlet with me and my plants. But even knowing all this, I still wanted to start a vegetable garden. I wanted a little plot in my yard where I could grow things that we could eat and to know that I was eating something I cultivated and cared for lovingly for my family to enjoy. So I built a little raised bed. I sprouted a sweet potato and an onion in my kitchen from scraps and when they had enough of a root system, I planted them in my bed. This was a few months back. I go outside and weed the bed. I water my little plants and add fertilizer at regular intervals. I also decided to start a composting bin because why throw out all those scraps of food when I capfuls be using them to eventually add to my soil and feed my plants? So I took a bin that was not in use, drilled holes all over and threw some dirt, yard clippings and have been feeding it my kitchen scraps and coffee grinds.  Fast forward to today and my composting bin is all full of worms feeding off my scraps and making nutrient rich soil for my plants that have grown quite large and are producing sweet potatoes and onions. I’ve already pared down my green onion stalks to use for my reipes, and it’s amazing how delicious and proud I was at the fact that one of my ingredients was home grown. I’ve also created a second bed and planted tomato’s, garlic, and a few herbs and I am also sprouting lettuce, spinach, broccoli and carrots. What I have learned recently is that my gardening is good for me, beyond the nutritional aspects, it helps to calm me and keep me grounded. I had always heard that gardening is good for that but never understood how being out in the hot sun on your hands and knees working in your garden could be good for you. Well, it is. You see, my husband has been away on a business trip since April 3rd. He’s not due to come back until the 28tb and just this ost week the kids had been going crazy. I have been anxious and depressed. My house was a mess and my kids (particularly the 4 year old) had been uncooperative. So last week I said let’s go! We’re going to our local garden shop, we’re getting the soil I need and I ended up buying some plants on sale, seeds and a starter kit, and I also got playground sand for the kids sandbox that was missing sand. I filled in their sandbox so they could play while I worked and I worked hard in my new box. I had to dig holes, I had to carry heavy bags of soil, and then I had to plant my new plants, water everything and got the starters planted too.  While I worked the kids played. We all did our own thing, which is what we all needed. We needed to be able to do our own things together but separate to not drive each other crazy and suddenly all that time outside brought us closer together and took away all our anxiety There will be more gardening updates to the blog because I am enjoying this little hobby.  As I'm a beginner gardener, I would love tips from you if you have more experience with vegetable gardens, like how do I keep iguana's from eating the leaves off my sweet potato vine (true problem). 
    Monday 16th of April 2018 07:44:06 AM
  • 6 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Less Painful
    GROCERIES. That word strikes fear in me. It didn’t use to. I used to love walking the aisles of the grocery store with my silly Baby and having all the abuelitas gush over his chunky thighs, his cute giggle, and the curls. Oh, how I loved my son's golden curls. Then he learned to walk and throw tantrums, and then Madison was born. Grocery shopping just became too much of a chore and I stopped being the glowing new mom and became the hot mess mom with screaming kids in tow, so I started looking for new solutions to this problem.  In walks online shoppingIsn’t that just a beautiful sound? Online. Grocery. Shopping. The following are some that I have used and are seriously lifesavers for me! 1. Amazon FreshAmazon Fresh is a great service! You go to Amazon, pick out your groceries, schedule a time for them to come, and they will deliver your groceries to your house. There are certain markets they work with. There is a monthly fee ($14.99 for Prime Members) for their service and a delivery fee for orders under $50.2. Instacart Instacart is pretty much the same as Amazon Fresh in the sense that you pick what you want online, someone else does the shopping for you and will deliver everything to your house. The difference between the two is that with Instacart the monthly fee is an option. You can either opt to pay a service fee or you can pay for their Instacart Express service, which is $14.99 a month or $149 a year. This service includes unlimited free delivery3. Walmart GroceryThis is one that I've been doing lately, and I have to say I love it! You pick out what you want online, schedule a time and they have curbside delivery for all your items. This means no delivery fee, no tipping, and no extra fees, and during special occasions like holidays or Super Bowl weekend, they have goodie bags of free stuff for you too!4. Grove CollaborativeGrove is a pretty amazing online store. They sell safe, sustainable household products and personal care items, and they also offer baby and kids versions. I use them on a monthly basis and am a VIP member of their site because I love them that much. They have product subscriptions that you can set to ship on however often you need them. You can change your ship date, say if it doesn't coincide with payday, you can move it around to make easier on you financially, and they will also send out a text message and email reminding you that your stuff will ship out soon so you can make any necessary changes before your box ships. I truly love them for household products, down to my toothbrushes, because everything is sustainably made and recyclable.  5. Jet.comJet has everything. I can't stress that enough. They honestly have everything you can ever need and are great for things like diapers, formula, baby gear, etc. The way they work, beyond having sales, is that they offer you choices to bring their costs down and pass the savings to you. So say you want to order diapers. The more diapers you order, the cheaper it will be per box you order. Or they also offer promotions, like right now they have a 20% off select household brands with the code EARTHMONTH, which is valid the entire month of April.And as an aside, if you use Ebates, which you should use for all your online shopping, you save even more in rebates.6. eMeals This is a service I recently found and isn't so much for groceries, but it is. Bear with me a second. So I'm horrible at meal planning.  Seriously horrible because I always want to try new things or new ways of making old things, so I'm constantly on the search for new recipes to spice things up a bit. and then I finally do come up with new recipes for the week, but then getting all the ingredients I need listed out is a disaster and I always, always end up forgetting things. This is where eMeals comes into my life. This site will make your meal plan for you AND will send your shopping list to Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger Clicklist or Walmart Grocery. They have different plans to pick from for as low as $5 per month (if you pay for a yearly subscription in advance) and it can increase from there, You can also add a lunch, breakfast, dessert and occasions menu to your plan for an extra charge for each. Their meal plans are designed to accommodate everyone's diets. They have weight management plans, family plans, specialty plans like a diabetic plan, Mediterranean, vegan, etc. and they've also teamed up with EatingWell, Allrecipes, Paula Deen and Better Homes and Gardens to bring some of their recipes into your plans. You can either print out your shopping list and meal plan from your computer or just use their app for everything. And I have to say, some of their recipes sound like they would be so-so, but are surprisingly amazing! I have decided to stick out to cooking their recipes as is, with the exception of certain ingredients I know are going to flop, like sliced tomatoes on a frittata for my husband. I'll just leave the tomatoes off one of the portions. I even made a meatless soup that was all kinds of beans and had chunks of tomato, and he gobbled it right up because it was that good (or he lied to me and was that hungry).eMeals is a big win for me, and the cost of the service is definitely worth it if it saves me from having to fight the kids for some peace to come up with a meal plan and be able to list things out. There's nothing like having someone else do it for you.So there you have it! These are all the ways I've made grocery shopping less painful for me and have been able to save time and money. I get to spend just that much more time with the kids now that I don't have to wander grocery aisles aimlessly, and because I do my groceries online, I also don't end up giving into cravings (mine and/or the kids!) while shopping for necessary food and supplies. Do you have a method that works for you to save on time, frustration and money? Please share with us what works for you!
    Thursday 12th of April 2018 04:00:00 AM
  • What Makes a Good Mother
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a good mother. I think as mothers, we all judge ourselves based on how we react during given circumstances, and oftentimes we are our own worst critics. I know I judge myself pretty harshly when I feel like I react less then perfect with my kids, and lately that seems to be happening a lot lately.  I have one kid that is my climber and is constantly climbing things. She’s already visited the ER twice and has had 14 stitches to repair gashes she’s received. Thankfully the gashes were caused by falling while walking or sitting on the ground and not because she fell off something, but she is constantly giving me heart attacks with her death defying acrobatics.   My first born has decided he knows better than me on all subjects and has decided to stop listening to me when I tell him to do things, because even though he’s only four, he’s all grown and can handle things himself. I am also constantly being told by his teacher that he’s hitting kids in class because they have something he wants or they took something from him. I’ve been having the same problem at home with him and he just doesn’t listen no matter what I do.  To say I’m at wits end would be an understatement, but each day I wake up determined that today will be better than yesterday. I wake up telling myself that today I will have more patience and I will scream less, that I will be more understanding. I tell myself that things will get better and sometimes they do, but then the kids wake up and one starts crying because she was woken up and wants to keep sleeping and the other is whining about getting ready for school and we have to be there in 20 minutes and he’s laying there crying about being cold or because he can’t reach his feet or some such nonsense and it takes all my willpower to not lose it right then and there. When I’ve been dealing with that all day, by the end of the day I’m done. I’m exhausted of dealing with the crying and whining and sometimes I do lose it and then I come down on myself for not being more patient or not talking them down or not knowing what to do to make them feel better without over indulging them. Truth is though, I don’t get any time for myself. I bath with the kids, I end up using the bathroom with the kids. One sleeps with me, and when dad is away on trips, both sleep with me. It’s all about the kids 24/7 and i don’t get time to do what I enjoy like sewing, knitting, or cycling. I hardly have time to clean the house because I constantly feel like I’m putting out fires or finding a way to entertain the kids so they’re not whining/trying to kill themselves.  So what makes a good mother? I would say a good mother is someone who tries every day to be better version of herself given impossible circumstances day after day. Her house may be messy, and her emotions may be frayed, but every single day she sacrifices pieces of herself to raise her kids right and make sure they are good kids and they have what they need. 
    Monday 9th of April 2018 04:00:07 AM
  • Our Spring Break Activities
    It's Spring Break here in Miami and I have had a week full of activities with the kids.  Spring Break is not over and there is still more fun to be had, but we're off to a good start.SundayThe Big Bounce America was going on and I purchased tickets because I knew my son would go bonkers over it. Sure enough, he spent the day bouncing like a lunatic. The Big Bounce is basically one giant bounce house with attached "rooms" of bounce houses that are either a ball pit or a slide. They had a DJ in the middle of the bounce house playing age-appropriate music for the kids, and every so often he would shoot off foam, so the kids had a blast! They had a "how high can you bounce" competition and really went out of their way to make it a lot of fun for the kids. I also really love how they planned the bounce. Instead of it being a giant free for all with kids of all ages bouncing at the same time, they had sessions. Basically, the tickets you buy are for an hour session for kids in their age range or adult only sessions, and from what I saw, all activities they had inside the bounce house was age-appropriate and very interactive. Beyond the giant bounce house, they also had a bounce village with smaller bounce houses for the kids to jump in. You also have to pay for this, but it's a much cheaper rate than the giant bounce house, and although they are fun, they're not as fun as the big bounce house.  I decided to make it a playdate for Sebastian. We went with my friend and her son that is the same age so the boys could have fun together. They were able to bounce and also played at the playground after their session since the event took place at a public park. We were at the playground for a good hour and then my friend had to go, so we decided to go get some lunch at one of the food vendors that were available and would head off to the village after lunch, but we were evacuated. There was a suspicious package at the nearby police station so they evacuated a good portion of the area for safety concerns.   MondayWe decided that it would be a great day to have a water park day. This is one of the things I love about living in South Florida, is all the water activities we have. We went to Grapeland Water Park which is fairly close to my house. It's also one of the smaller ones so I can keep an eye on Sebastian better while I'm also dealing with Madison. There is another water park in Pembroke Pines that I like to go to, Paradise Cove at CB Smith Park. It is nicer but it's also bigger and harder to keep an eye on Sebastian, and since they have bigger water slides, I do need to keep an eye on him. I would basically need to go there when I have someone to help me with the kids.Either way, the kids had a blast at Grapeland. The water park has Britto figures all over the park, which makes it really nice and they also offer a little something for everyone. The Lazy River they have is monitored closely. There is an entrance and exit, so you don't have a group of kids just going round and round all day on it. while that's good, in a way, I do wish it was just a loop where you can just relax. That was one of the features of Atlantis Paradise Island's water park that I really enjoyed. The water was very cold, but not so cold that it was uncomfortable. It was a bit shocking at first, but once you were in for a few seconds, it was actually very refreshing.  And as you can see above, Madison, just tired herself out from all the fun. We actually spent the whole day there and actually closed the place out, which is not something I normally do. I would normally take the kids home for a nap, but I let Sebastian run around and play all day and he fell asleep in the car on the way home. We hadn't even left the parking lot and he was already snoring. When we got home, my husband carried him in and put him to bed. He was done for the day. He actually slept from about 5:30 pm until 8 am the next morning! I'm going to have to remember this for the next time the kids need a day to run around and wear themselves out. I am also going to remember to bring a lot of sunblock because I didn't apply enough and we all came home with sunburns, Mine being the worst.There is still a few days left of Spring Break and I have more fun scheduled for the kids. Keeping the kids busy during the break is definitely the best way to go. They have are able to have fun and don't spend the entire time cooped up inside the house driving you crazy with nothing to do What activities do you have planned with your kids for Spring Break? Are you also starting to think of things for summer break?Share your ideas with me!
    Thursday 29th of March 2018 10:59:09 AM

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