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I'm Blogging From: Oregon
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Reviews, giveaways and fab finds! Spotlighting fun and trendy baby gear, gifts & products perfect for the stylish mommy who want only the cutest and hippest finds for her posh little ones, home and self. +Plus check out the 1 and only hip mama & grandma nickname makers or prego test!

Recent News

  • 10 Spooktacular Halloween Printables
    Even though Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, it is usually the one I am doing the most amount of last minute scrambling for. There are so many details. Kids costumes, school parties, house decorations, trick or treating, family parties, etc. So for me, Halloween downloads are so handy. I probably have 20+ Halloween printable boar...
    Tuesday 18th of October 2016 12:26:58 PM
  • Perfecting The Fruit Fly Trap
    ​Here and Portlandia the beautiful summer sun is fading, we are settling into our back to school routine and fall is upon us. But once I get my 4 little buggers posh littles out the door in the morning I wage a new little bugger war: fruit flies. Even though all our fruit is in the fridge, they won't go away. Getting rid of fruit fli...
    Wednesday 21st of September 2016 10:54:09 AM
  • Locker Decor: Yes It's A Thing
    With back to school comes so many new adventures and changes. This year 2 of my kids are at the same middle school that I went to back in yesteryear. It's the same old school but things are bit more sparkly and fun. For example, in my day, one of the most exciting accessories was my LeSportsac pencil pouch. I toted everything and could care le...
    Tuesday 20th of September 2016 11:18:51 AM
  • Sexy {Funny} Halloween Costumes for Moms
    Are you "that mom" that is too lazy busy getting everyone else ready for Halloween that you never put together a costume for yourself? Then I have a great blog post to share that you'll be giggling over, sharing with your friends and may be surprised to see that you are already wearing today!Blogger Suzanne from Toulouse & T...
    Sunday 11th of September 2016 08:15:40 AM
  • Experiment: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Electricity!
    ​Did you know fruit can power a light bulb? Or a clock? Well you do now because I just told you. You can pass that on to your kiddo or even better, let them create their own light! While us moms proudly say "I leaned it on a mom blog" our kids would much rather not declare that resourceWe learned this though experiments with the help of o...
    Monday 8th of August 2016 10:59:48 AM
  • Portland Mama's, You Won't Want To Miss This PopShop
    If you're a Portland mama or can get here, you should check out this out... Modcloth just opened a popshop in Pioneer Place for the month of July. Only July.I've tweeted, dreamed and have longed for the day when I could try on all those glorious dresses. And I barely ever where dresses. Really never wear dresses but these make me want to ...
    Friday 1st of July 2016 08:35:39 AM
  • How To Curl Your Hair With Out A Curling Iron
    We have a lot of hair to curl with 4 girls. A LOT! I was desperate for a way for my girls to curl their own hair. We have a few overnight roller options but they are too curly for my daughter Audrey who has shorter fine hair. She isn't good at using a curling iron yet even though she loves the look and the process. I think it's the contro...
    Wednesday 29th of June 2016 11:25:57 AM
  • The Perfect Tween Summer Trip Essential
    I'm doing some packing today for a beach trip so simple summer outfits for the kids is on my mind. My tween girls and little one are packing themselves but I keep reminding them that we're short on space and to pack very light. Like rompers! Rompers and jumpsuit's are a perfect summer outfit for the girls either as a cover-up for the...
    Tuesday 21st of June 2016 07:51:21 AM
  • On Sale & In Time For Father's Day: Amazon Fire TV
    Are you an Amazon Prime member? Have you been eyeing or curious about Amazon's FireTV? What is Amazon Prime? What is Fire TV? I'm going to nutshell this because there's a deal alert to get to... Amazon Prime is Amazon.Com's upgraded shopping club that gives you free 2 day shipping plus streaming movies, TV shows and music. I ini...
    Wednesday 15th of June 2016 08:54:04 AM
  • Boys Get Tangles Too! Lego Inspired Earbud Organization
    ​I have a boy, who loves Legos. I also have a boy who can't for the life of him keep his iPhone or iPod earbuds untangled or accounted for to save his life. So this adorable, soft & rubber building block earbud organizer/holder is perfect for him. It's large enough for him to easily wrap up his earbuds plus see across the room (some h...
    Monday 6th of June 2016 09:21:22 AM
  • Make Your Casserole Hip With These Trendy Totes
    When I hear the word casserole I am brought back to my childhood and how I dreaded casseroles. No matter what it was, if it was labeled a casserole, I wanted nothing to do with it. Even deserts made in a casserole dish were off limits. I was a staunch food separatist and hated mixed up or layered food. Now I love things all mixed up. ...
    Thursday 26th of May 2016 02:15:31 PM
  • Meet Splyt: A Buildable Modern Light Scuplture
    If you haven't visited Uncommon Goods before, you need to check them out. I'm always inspired there. Unique, fun and my go-to for gifts. Especially for my husband and son. I discovered them long before I began blogging and have shared their products many times since. Today I spotted Splyt.The Splyt (pronounced SPLIT) is a modular, build-able lamp. ...
    Friday 20th of May 2016 09:31:33 AM
  • Feed Me Tacos & Tell Me I'm Pretty
    Funny graphic tees are something I usually save for my husband. But on a recent cookie craving Etsy visit *for these* my typical can't stay on target mode kicked in. A bright shiny thing lead me to these tee's that are perfectly echoing my random (ok maybe a little drunken) thoughts. Etsy's pow...
    Wednesday 4th of May 2016 09:04:53 AM
  • Eco Friendly Natural Wooden Cutlery & Plates That Any Baby Will Love
    While I couldn't imagine the bulk that a whole set of these would take up (to feed my four kids at least) I would still love to see these adorable and eco-friendly wooden spoon & fork sets and customization plates adorn my little ones table. From across the pond, let me introduce you to Blue Brontide organic baby accessories. ​Choose ...
    Thursday 28th of April 2016 12:27:18 PM
  • Getting Pumped For Mothers Day With Proflowers & #MothersDayMovie
    I can't even remember the last time I went to a theater to see a movie. Oh, wait. I can. I had to leave because my 3 year old was freaking out about how crowded it was. He's 12 now *yikes*. ​Well I finally ventured out with hubby to an actual movie theater. Poor guy, of course it was a chick flick. It was date night, though, and it's...
    Thursday 28th of April 2016 09:08:43 AM
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide For Moms Of All Types
    I keep finding myself going back to Shop Style's Mother's Day Gift Guide for various reasons. One because they share so many great ideas but mostly I love how gifts are by mom type. Yup, we come in types. I'd like to say I'm a fitness mom but lately I'm more of an R&R mom. Spring is stressful at our house so R&R has been a daily quest....
    Tuesday 26th of April 2016 09:55:05 AM
  • Are You Prepared For The Big Day {Giveaway Alert}
    I love wedding season! With summer approaching, it's almost here and Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) want to remind brides and grooms that it's not too late to secure the smile of their dreams for the big day, with popular dental techniques available to brighten smiles on the spot. Got any BIG DAY tips? Get rea...
    Monday 25th of April 2016 12:38:43 PM
  • Are they sick or forgot to do their homework
    This morning I got a 5 am wake-up call from my #3 child. I've been getting a lot of these lately and I know not all of them are legit. I can usually tell when one of my kids is faking sick because they list every single possible ailment from every possible illnesses. Little do they know if they just left it at one or two, I'd believe them more.&nbs...
    Thursday 14th of April 2016 12:53:09 PM
  • Modern Hanging Kitchen Lighting For Under $100
    When we purchased our house, there were "boob lights" placed in every single room. You know the ones I'm talking about. Builder basic flush mount fixtures that when placed side by side look like boobies. See more about my un-love of boob lights & another lighting project here. I am slowly but surely replacing them, in all the important pla...
    Friday 8th of April 2016 01:02:06 PM
  • Cuddle + Kind: Dolls That Help Feed The Children
    ​Here's a bit of web coolness that has to be shared (and squeezed). These adorable dolls from Cuddle + Kind have a much greater purpose than to be a buddy for your posh little one. For every doll you purchase, Cuddle + Kind will provides 10 meals to hungry kids in North America and around the world. I've always been a huge fan of kni...
    Thursday 31st of March 2016 02:13:03 PM


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