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One Messy Mama

One Messy Mama is a blog celebrating parenting Hallelujah moments and those dreaded fail moments as well The Honest Mom Blog, because parenting is not perfect.

Recent News

  • What Type of Holiday Should You Choose With a Baby on the Way?
    It’s becoming more and more popular for pregnant women to take a holiday (sometimes known as a babymoon) before their bundle of joy arrives. But how do you decide where to go on holiday? After all, you’ve got to be extra careful now, plus some of the more adventurous travel activities are out of the question. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out. There are still plenty of options to choose from, and we’ve picked three of the best to get you started. Here are the holidays you could book if you have a baby on the way. Want some sunshine? Try a beach trip The world has more than its fair share of beautiful beaches, so your only problem will be deciding which one to visit. Pick a destination no more than a few hours’ flight away for the most hassle-free holiday. The best beach destinations for a babymoon:  Oia, Greece  Nice, France  The Algarve, Portugal Sit back on the sand and enjoy the warm weather, or take a gentle stroll along the coastline and explore everything the resort has to offer. Holidaysafe recommends a coastal break if relaxation is your number-one priority since the sea air helps you to do just that. Just don’t forget your SPF and a good book! Keen to indulge in some pampering? Treat yourself to a spa break. There’s no better time to be waited on hand and foot than when you’re pregnant, so take advantage and let someone else do the hard work for a change. Many spas offer prenatal treatments, including massages, foot rubs, and facials — be sure to tell the staff you’re pregnant so they can accommodate you accordingly. There are normally couples’ packages, too, so your partner will be able to share the experience with you. For a proper escape, pick a countryside hotel with its own spa and you won’t even need to leave the building (unless you fancy a walk in the grounds, of course). These secluded locations normally have everything you could possibly need on-site, including delicious local food, cozy spaces to relax in and scenic rural views. Don’t want to travel too far? A staycation is ideal If you’d like to get away without needing to make your way to another country, a staycation is ideal. Even somewhere an hour or so from home will give you that holiday feeling, so why not pick a city you’ve always wanted to go to and get to know it? As well as being cheaper, staycations can be used as a way of catching up with family and friends or you can spend time together just the two of you, pre-baby. Whatever you decide, it’s a chilled out way to get some rest before your little one makes an appearance. x Jacqui *Disclaimer* – This was a collaborative post. The post What Type of Holiday Should You Choose With a Baby on the Way? appeared first on One Messy Mama.
    Monday 18th of June 2018 12:00:41 AM
  • 5 Ways To Make-Over Your Child’s Room Without Breaking The Bank.
    Perfect colour schemes, lovely pictures of animals or trucks or ballerinas, creative decor with just the right balance between old-school chic and contemporary ‘wow’… We all know those gorgeous Pinterest posts of children’s rooms that look like they come straight out of a home decor magazine; images of fabulous kids’ rooms that we see plastered all over social media. The ones that make us green with envy. OK, let me not project… they make me green with envy 🙂 Every time I walk into my kids’ bedrooms I’m always thinking of all the things I would love to do, but never get to do because 1. It will cost a fortune and 2. The time it will take to do a total make-over (my kids will probably be in varsity by then). I’ve been searching for ideas and inspiration for my children’s bedrooms, and I finally realised that with 5 kids, I am going to be broke by the end of it all! So, what can I do to brighten up and organise their rooms without breaking the bank? 1. Fresh Linen and Curtains. Choose a theme your child loves and get shopping. Taking down old curtains and removing drag bedding can brighten up and refresh any bedroom. 2. Storage. There are so many cute and adorable storage units on the market today. What better way to organise  hide all those toys, books and bits and bobs. The right storage creates a clean look and turns the bedroom into a calm space. It’s also so easy to revamp “old” furniture into new and revitalized bedroom pieces. 3. A Centre Piece. Whether you have tiled, wooden or carpeted floors, a lovely centerpiece can make such a big difference in a room. It can also double up as a play area or a reading spot. A brightly coloured carpet or a wooden table and chairs. And you are set! 4. Wallart. Why spend money on wall stickers and paintings when your own child creates the most gorgeous artwork? Frame these pieces and hang them on the wall. Want to spend a little more? Have them copied onto canvas instead. 5. Accessorise. This is a great way to fill the space and add a personal touch! Pillows, throws, beaded wall hangings, fairy lights, lego figurines, the list is endless. I guess it all comes down to our creativity, but we don’t need to break the bank and spend money on “custom” created goodies to give our children their dream bedroom… Shower curtains, Bedroom Curtains, Block-out curtains. x Jacqui   *** Please note: this post contains affiliate links that will re-direct you to a retail website. If you purchase something after clicking on an affiliate link, I will earn commission from it. However, not all items recommended here are affiliate links. Thank you for your trust! ***   The post 5 Ways To Make-Over Your Child’s Room Without Breaking The Bank. appeared first on One Messy Mama.
    Monday 7th of May 2018 11:31:29 AM
  • 5 Secrets To Becoming The BEST Spouse Ever.
    I started a marriage series a while back, and I thought it high time to get back to it. Maybe it’s because my husband and I are going on our first weekend away (alone) in almost 7 years. You heard that right. Two nights away from the kids, to celebrate our 12th anniversary.  Do you want to know what is at the forefront of my mind? SLEEP! Uninterrupted, no little bodies in the bed, alarm-clock-free, blissful sleep… and morning lie-ins as an added bonus 🙂 OK, time to fess up… this all happened a month ago, I just haven’t had the time to get this post out! #reallife got in the way. But it was all that I had hoped it would be, and when I think back on it, it’s like I can go there again and be present in that moment; so forgive a girl for dreaming a little. Anyway, I was reminded of our 12th anniversary weekend of sleep when we took our kids out to lunch today and seated at the table next to us was a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. 50!!! In today’s day and age, that is just amazing and it got me thinking, what is their secret? Here are my thoughts on what it takes to become the kind of spouse worth living with for 50 years! Communication The purpose of communication in a relationship is to uplift not destroy. We are not all natural communicators. Sometimes we have to put effort into learning the art. This takes practice and time. For me, communication within a marriage is key to having a successful marriage.  When my husband and I got engaged we did a marriage prep course. We had a few “tests” to take. These tests revealed the weaknesses and strengths of our relationship. To our surprise, our strongest connection was conflict resolution. It turns out that according to the tests we did, we were able to effectively argue our viewpoints, deal with them and then forget about it. On the flip side, a number of years ago a good friend made the comment that my husband and I had a very “conflicting” relationship. This stayed with me for a few years. You see, my husband and I are not afraid to speak our minds. Whether in private or public, what you see is what you get. We are individuals with our own viewpoints and yes, sometimes these viewpoints clash. That’s not a bad thing. And I learned to embrace it. Communication between partners needs to flow easily and steadily – like a wide river slowly, but strongly, flowing across the landscape. It cannot be unstable or closed off. This may lead to living alongside our partners instead of with them. Once the communication withers away, a loss of passion may follow and along with it love. So what does good communication within a relationship look like? Good communication is when couples are able to safely share their deepest and most intimate thoughts and feelings freely and without fear of judgment. When they listen to each other with respect and honour each other’s unique perspective on issues. When they are able to have robust conversations about problems or difficulties that arise without undermining the other and allowing the discussion to devolve into a blame-game… Conflict can be positive and edifying! In light of all this, I think the key to good communication is vulnerability… And this brings me to my next point. Vulnerability Vulnerability is crucial for good communication specifically, but also for a healthy marriage more generally. The ability to become vulnerable is essential to a meaningful and happy relationship. It is when we are willing to expose ourselves emotionally that we are ready to let our loved one into the deepest part of our being.  The risk of being vulnerable opens us up to speak the truth, bearing our souls in what we believe to be (and what should be) a safe environment. In our relationships, we need to always be authentic, be ourselves, not afraid of letting the other know who we truly are. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in turn allows us to experience true love and joy. We do this by sharing honestly about all that we are feeling and experiencing. Without judgment or shame. On the flip side, when our partner chooses to be vulnerable with us, we need to show true acceptance and understanding. Speaking and showing love, even if we are unsure. we need to always be respectful and kind. To give our emotions time to settle and then deal with the vulnerability that we have so bravely been shown. When we are able to meet each other at our point of deepest need it is then that true acceptance and love is revealed. Adventure Moving on from vulnerability, the willingness and ability to be adventurous in a relationship offers a vibrancy of life that little else can. Taking on new opportunities and experiences creates an environment where we are willing to step out of our comfort zones and embrace exploration with each other. Using our newfound courage to be vulnerable, and communicating honestly and respectfully with each other, we can take the courage to discover new things about our partners, our lives, and the world that surrounds us – knowing that we do so with someone who loves us. We need to open ourselves up to experiences that we might not have even thought of before or considered taboo. Because when we try new things as a couple it creates an environment that encourages conversation, builds excitement and creates room for laughter. We feel refreshed, challenged and satisfied. It throws boredom out the window, boredom that can lead to feeling unsatisfied in our marriages, and flings wide the door to embracing the new, alive to the possibility of countless exciting new places that are waiting to be discovered. Adventure in a  marriage leads to a sense of achievement and togetherness. Intimacy Now, intimacy can be looked at in two ways. Emotional Intimacy –  In my opinion, emotional intimacy is just as important as physical intimacy! Emotional intimacy is the enjoyment and exercise of that unique bond (of unfettered communication, courageous vulnerability, and a brave sense of adventure) that you share with your partner on an emotional level. It creates an authentic relationship where you are able to share everything with each other. It allows for a deeper respect for each other, where you value each other’s opinions and thoughts. When we engage in genuine emotional intimacy with our partners we find ourselves become more realistic in our expectations of each other; because we become more deeply aware of each other’s limitations and conscious of our need to support the other. Physical Intimacy – I believe that mutually satisfying (not to mention mind-blowingly good) physical intimacy goes hand-in-hand with emotional intimacy. Not in the sense that one leads to the other, but in the sense that they go together… you cannot truly have one without the other. Physical intimacy requires just as much attention and intention as emotional intimacy. For two reasons (at least): firstly, healthy and satisfying physical intimacy has a positive effect on every other aspect of your relationship. Secondly, it is one of the few aspects of your marriage relationship that is unique to it – in other words, it is one of the few things that you enjoy with no one else except your spouse. It is an expression of love. The thrill, and chemistry that you experience builds a stronger and more meaningful relationship when tied with all the other points that I have discussed. The stronger and more satisfying your physical intimacy is “in the bedroom” (so to speak), the stronger your relationship will be “outside the bedroom”. Showing affection and laughing together will become a more natural and regular occurrence. Friendship Friendship makes you think of honesty, companionship, intimacy, and respect. People tend to laugh at me when I declare that my husband is my best friend. But, I don’t know how else to say it. He seriously is my best friend. We laugh together, act like idiots together and let me tell you, we can fight like best friends too 🙂 Just like any relationship, a friendship needs to be nurtured as well. We cannot allow our busy lives to push our marriages into “work” relationships. Nothing beats coming home to your best friend and sharing the details of your day. Your hurts and fears, successes and joys. Couples that are friends, genuinely like each other and look forward to spending time with each other. It’s my belief that by incorporating all these aspects into our marriages we can become the kind of spouses for our partners that they would want to be with for 50 years (and more)… enjoying many, many anniversary weekends of uninterrupted sleep (or at least the kind of sleep where you get to decide what interrupts it  … It’s an exciting journey, why not enjoy the ride! x Jacqui Recommended by CapeTownInsider The post 5 Secrets To Becoming The BEST Spouse Ever. appeared first on One Messy Mama.
    Thursday 19th of April 2018 02:38:40 AM
  • Be Amazing – #GirlMomsMeetUp
    Being a mom of 5, I often find it very difficult to find enough time to share myself with all my children. Spending one-on-one time with them is unfortunately not something I can do on a daily basis. That’s just my reality! However, when an opportunity to deliberately take either the boys or girls out for some mommy time comes my way, I make sure my diary is open. I was very excited to be invited to the first #GirlMomsMeetUp hosted by Toy Kindom South Africa this past weekend. Three of my blogging buddies Carly from Mom Of Two Little Girls; Charlene from High Heels and Fairy Tales and Chanene from Tonic and Tiaras set up an amazing day of spoils for moms and daughters. The week started with a surprise delivery to our door… #disneyprincesess Toy Kingdom As you can see, they were giddy with excitement when asked to open their packages.  Each girl was spoilt with a Disney princess, namely Rapunzel and Elsa, who are their absolute favourites! What was even more exhilarating, was the fact that they could paint each princesses’ dress with a water-filled wand and watch the dress change colour… Turning each outfit into a magical canvas. Why the #GirlMomsMeetUp These amazing women wanted to bring moms (who blog) and daughters together in an environment that inspires play and all things girly. The Toy Kingdom embraced the idea and accepted the challenge to create a day filled with fun!! The #beamazing campaign strives to encourage girls to fight for their dreams and to believe in themselves and all things magical. Not only were the girls spoilt with their favorite #beamamzing princess doll, but they got to participate in a Build-a-Bear workshop as well. Build A Bear Each girl got to choose their own Disney bear and, with help from Cherish our amazing host, they transformed these bears into their own special companions. We even had a heart ceremony where the girls placed hearts into their bears… and now that the bear was “born” each came with a little birth certificate too. It was adorable watching this unfold… These little princesses were absolutely spellbound! Just look at that little hand! The girls are so chuffed with their creations they’ve been carrying them around all week! It’s like we have 2 new additions to the family… Can you imagine! Toy Kindom certainly outdid themselves! We were treated like royalty and ate like kings. Fournos Bakery was gracious enough to cater for us all! Awesome platters supplied by @fournosbakery here at @toykingdomsouthafrica Spoiling us here for the @girlmomsmeetup Thanks so much! #beamazing A post shared by Mom Of Two Little Girls (@momoftwolittlegirls) on Apr 14, 2018 at 1:59am PDT It was a lovely morning spent with my girls, and it’s made me realize that I need to do this more often with all of my children. Making one on one time a priority! Just look at how angelic they look, they sure do love their Build-A-Bear Princesses. x Jacqui The post Be Amazing – #GirlMomsMeetUp appeared first on One Messy Mama.
    Wednesday 18th of April 2018 10:13:53 AM

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