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Not a Tree Reviews

Parenting, Crafts and Subscription Box Reviews by a mom of four who is tired and can totally relate

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  • California Found Box January Review 2018 & Coupon Code
    *I received this box in exchange for my review*The Box: California FoundThe Price: $49.00Shipping: FreeShips: MonthlyThe products: This Subscription box sends artisan products and goods from California based artisans like jewelry, candles, home goods, and much more. They have individual info cards for each item, listing where it can be bought and prices and info about the artist or founder, which I found to be great to have to go back and find out where you can buy items that you loved from the box.The Entirely Beautiful January Collection!$14First we have the delicious La Luna Salt, the two flavors we got we original sea salt but a flaked fluffier version which I loved and Applewood Smoked which I also loved I used this last night on a pork roast I had made with apples and potatoes and it really brought the entire dish together with the sweet and smokey it was amazing everyone in my family said how much they liked it. Tasha Moon is the founder of La Luna and her creativity lets us unlock flavor combinations like never before and I am so happy to be able to try these.$14.25Three Lovely greeting cards from The Wee Tree Co. These cards are handmade by Rosalind Bell in Los Angeles. Her cards give people the chance to slow down and give up the digital way of writing and send someone special in your life and actual written card in the mail. I think these cards mean so much more than an email or FB message. I already have people in mind who will be receiving my cards.$15Naked Scrubs Bath Tea. I am obsessed with the few ingredients in this amazing smelling bath tea. I used this last night and it fizzed slightly when I first put it in and more importantly filled my bathroom with the scent of lavender and eucalyptus immediately calming me and relaxing my body and mind which being a mom of three is a rarity. Angela Johnson-Rogers is the CEO of Naked Scrubs and she started this line because of her own skin issues using oils, herbs and vegetables. She now has an extensive line of Skin and body care products that are locally sourced and fair trade whenever possible. This is my new favorite bath product my skin is in love.$44Midi Queen Handbags in Ventura Ca has included this adorable small crossbody bag that is just big enough for my phone and some cash and cards. Usually I am not a fan of bags like these but I really like this one, its just so simple yet beautiful and functional. It fits my body well and is made with high quality leather which is so very soft.$38NevMade Bamboo Spatula Set designed by Sacramento based Artist Mimi Winters.These are almost too pretty to use I love the pink and burgundy geometric designs. Mimi combines mid-century and modern designs to her one-of-a-kind hand painted housewares and textiles. I love this set I am getting a very nice collection kitchen items from boxes and I am very happy about it.$36Amethyst Necklace by Kalcie. This Beautiful dainty gold necklace is adorned by a solid Amethyst Bead. Kristine Chermakyan  is the founder of Kalcie she created a brand with a story behind each piece, which makes for really stunning jewelry. The pieces are all handmade using natural stones, metals and fabrics. I love minimalist jewelry and this is right up my alley My mother's Birthstone is amethyst and I think this will make the perfect gift even though I want to keep it.Nicole's Notes:They Killed it again this month California Found has quickly jumped to the top of my Favorites List because they have super high quality items that I actually use and not just a few. Every single item in this box and last months box too was amazing. The value is astounding as well - the retail for this months items is: $161 which is 3X the cost, what a great deal! There is absolutely no fluff in these boxes either all great usable items I have already used most of them and that is what we look for when subscribing to a subscription box. Click the link below and enter promo code: notatree20 at check out to receive 20% off your first box. California Found Box
    Friday 2nd of February 2018 06:40:00 PM
  • Jewelry Subscription Review January 2018 Half off first Box
    *I received this box in exchange for my review*The Box: Jewelry SubscriptionThe Cost: $19.99-$32.99 Jewelry Box   $225 Yr Special Occasion Box     $24.99 Lux Ring BoxShipping: FreeShips: Monthly or on the Dates you chose if you subscribe to the special occasion box.Items: The jewelry subscription sends 1-3 pieces of beautiful hand picked pieces each month to match your profile. The special Occasion Box sends the pieces 6 times a year on the dates you chose. The lux ring subscription send High Quality gorgeous rings each month that are valued from $80-600 so its a really great deal for the Jewelry Lover in your life.The Stunning Pieces I got in my January Box.I love this Silver Emerald cut amethyst type ring, Its just so beautiful i adore it I have a size 7 ring finger and it fits perfectly and is made very well like all the pieces that I get from Lisa.Amethyst Necklace in Silver, this dainty flower style charm is beautiful and again its a nice small size to be worn casual or when u need to dress up you can really wear it with anything.A simple 3-Ring chain link bracelet brings this set together. I really like this piece because it can be worn with any other silver pieces that I have which I love it when I can mix-and-match jewelry. Nicole's Notes:As usual I love everything I got in my Jewelry Subscription this month. If you subscribe now you can get your first box for 50% off so you can try out the box and see if its for you. This is a really great subscription with amazing customer service they are a smaller business so the owner Lisa cares for each customer and strives to make sure they are happy. If you would like to subscribe click the link below... thanks for reading my Review.Jewelry Subscription
    Friday 2nd of February 2018 06:36:00 PM
  • Culture Carton Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | December 2017
    Culture Carton is a monthly men's subscription box like no other! Each standard box contains one essential men's book along with a themed assortment of lifestyle items. Subscriptions are $45 monthly and with code TREE you'll receive 20% OFF your first month to the standard box. Additionally you can opt for just the essentials for $35 or just the book for $16 (free shipping on the book box)!*product was received free for reviewCheck out the unboxy box videoHere's the Box BreakdownOur first glimpse inside the Culture Carton for DecemberEverything that we received in our December "Watch Box" themed Culture Carton Box. We have to say this is our absolute favorite box we've ever received from them!So what is all this stuff?Our box insertsThe reverse details each of the items we received along with retail values, as well as a little bit about the theme!Minute Mixology Craft Cocktail Mixer$8This package contains 8 single serve packets of coconut, mint and lime flavored mix to create a coconut mojito. All you'll need to add to create your tasty adult beverage is rum, tonic water and ice. Shake it up and voila!The Martian by Andy Weir$15We haven't read this book but saw the movie and thought it was amazing. A stoic story of a man alone in space - think Castaway in the middle of our solar system! So, if history speaks for anything the book should be even more amazing than the move was! We're totally excited to read this!I Love Ugly Charlie Watch$125Um... yeah. Probably one of the coolest items we've ever gotten in a box. This New Zealand brand creates high quality watches and the "Charlie" is perfect for the minimalist. Made with Swiss Made Movement and a mineral glass face.. you have to love the simple yet elegant lines of this one. One of our favorite features is the little quote etched in the bottom of the band!We loved this watch and thought for sure because Mr. Not a Tree doesn't wear watches this would be ours... (we were SO excited)Surprise, surprise when he actually liked it enough to wear it! I guess that speaks to how beautiful it is!Biltong Seasoned Dry Beef$10This 2 ounce package of dried beef seems like it will be a lot like beef jerky but it's so different. Made with grass fed meat and containing over 12 grams of protein a serving this sugar and preservative free beef snack is moist and delicious. Great for hikers and as an addition to all sorts of meals!The largest difference comes from Biltong's texture. It's soft because instead of being made with heat like beef jerky - it's made with air, so it retains much of the beefs moisture. It looks more like meat and has a lot less salt as well so it's a much healthier alternative! So in summaryWe look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Culture Carton Box is an incredible box for the worldly, cultured guys out there and this month was FANTASTIC. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is amazing. I really love that they source some lesser known, craft brands and there are always such incredible leather goods! And curation. This watch box included a $125 watch so building an entire box around such a high priced item sounds like it might be hard but they pulled it off and brought together an excellent bunch of items! Check Out Culture Carton
    Friday 2nd of February 2018 06:29:00 PM
  • Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | December 2017
    Freedom Japanese Market is a monthly snack subscription delivered directly from Japan. There are three different subscription options to choose from - the Puchi that contains 5-8 snacks and costs $14.99, the Original which contains 12-16 snacks and costs $24.99 (what we're reviewing) and the Family Pack which contains 24-32 snacks and costs $45.99*product was received free for review / contains affiliate linksCheck out the unboxy box videoHere's the Box BreakdownOur first glimpse inside the Freedom Japanese Market BoxEverything that we received in our Freedom Japanese Market Box for December. It never ceases to amaze us at how FULL these boxes are!So what is all this stuff?Our box insert. We really love their descriptions and how they break down exactly what's sent each month in each different boxEach Freedom Japanese Market Box comes with a handmade origami each month. This month's is a snowman! How cute!DIY Nomu-cho JellyThis DIY candy kit came in both the original and family boxes for December. All you have to do is add water to create a musk melon flavored jelly! Tahato Caramel CornTahato is probably one of the tastiest snacks we receive in our Freedom Japanese Market Boxes and with their fun variety of flavors - they know how to keep it exciting. This bag of caramel corn came in the traditional flavor but some bags included an exclusive tree shaped puff... did we get it?It didn't look very promisingUntil we got to the very bottom and found it! This snack came in both the original and family boxes for DecemberCorn PuffsHow cute is this package? These little puffs came in both the original and family boxes.The flavor of these puffs was fried chicken and they were super interesting!Chocolate DaifukuAnother snack that was included in both the original and family boxes, this mochi contains a chocolate center that will surprise and delight!Kamen Rider GummiesThis was our original box bonus (which means it was exclusive to that box alone). The gummies were orange flavored and came in the shapes of people and items from Kamen RiderDars MintThese mint filled chocolate were in the original and family boxes for this monthThese were small but tasty. Think, a cross between Junior Mints and Andes Mints!Suppai Mu-choThese vinegar potato chips were in all three December Boxes! The vinegar in these chips was much milder than our own Salt & Vinegar chips, very tasty!Pokemon Card & CandyIn this package is one Pokemon card and two Poke Ball shaped grape gummies (perfect for Oliver). This was in each of the boxes for DecemberHere he is with his new goodies!Fruit Hard CandiesAnother item that was included in all the Freedom Japanese Market December Boxes were these fruit flavored hard candies. Love the cute little Christmas wrappers!Chicken Curry UmaiboUmaibo are puffed corn tubes that comes in a variety of flavors. This one has a chicken curry flavor (we're not huge into curry). This came in all three boxes for DecemberCheese UmaiboOur second umaibo for the month also came in all three boxes - and it's cheese flavored!Tasted a lot like a cheese curl!Energy Item ChocolateThe final item in this month's Freedom Japanese Market Box came in all three boxes. This package contains three chocolate tokens and 1 display frame. We will attest to this chocolate's tastiness!So in summaryWe look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Freedom Japanese Market Box is our favorite snack subscription because they keep the mixes fun and well balanced with a good amount of both sweet and savory treats. The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly and we love the origami. The quality is amazing - we love that each of the snacks is authentic and yummy! And curation is fantastic! We love the variety that they select each month and find it's always the most beloved box for the kids!Check Out Freedom Japanese Market
    Friday 2nd of February 2018 08:21:00 AM

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