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Not a Tree Reviews
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Not a Tree Reviews

Parenting, Crafts and Subscription Box Reviews by a mom of four who is tired and can totally relate

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  • Renovate Crate Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | April 2017
    Renovate Crate is a brand new monthly subscription box that sends you an assortment of housewears and decor to enliven one area in your home. Boxes contain 4-6 high quality and functional items. Subscriptions are $39.95 + $3.95 shipping*product was received free for reviewCheck out the unboxy box videoHere's the Box BreakdownOur first glimpse inside the Renovate Crate - pretty pretty!Everything that we received in our Renovate Crate - we are in love with these storage containers!So what is all this stuff?Our box insertThe reverse details each of the items that we receivedCollapsible Funnel$6This cool little funnel is multipurpose. The different layers allow this cool (and easy to wash if we say so ourselves) gadget to be used with a variety of lids and openings!And nothing beats the fun pink color!Waffle Weave Super Drying TowelWhether you use this on your hands or the dishes - something is getting dry! We have actually always wanted to own something like this as regular tea towels just don't seem to do the job and paper towels are simply too wasteful!Silicone Oven Mitts$10These super durable silicone over mitts have a really nice grip inside so that hot pans and plates don't slip from your grasp! A great addition to any busy kitchen!3 Piece Airtight Container Set$45These excellent glass containers make great aesthetically pleasing storage units for your dry goods. We love the staggered look of these and think they will look great with almost any kitchen decor!The lids are made of pretty bamboo and each jar closes to create an airtight seal. Definitely our favorite item in this box - and they were packaged really securely with tons of bubble wrap.Chalkboard Labels & Chalk Marker$5We received 4 large chalkboard labels and 4 small labels to adhere to our jars. We also received a chalk marker so we can note what's inside each jar!Our jars (yes we eat a lot of popcorn around here!) We have them in the pantry because we aren't sure where on our counter they will go yet!So in summaryWe look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Renovate Crate is a great new home decor subscription with a great (and non-intimidating price point). We love that they were bold and sent these glass containers because we've never received anything like them before! The presentation is awesome - everything is packaged wonderfully and arrived perfectly. The quality is great - the bamboo lids are beautiful and the towel is awesome. Curation is super! They took the kitchen and shook it up and sent us some great new goodies to give our space a breath of fresh air!As far as box economy the Renovate Crate costs $39.95 and for that we received $70 in items which is a great deal!Check Out Renovate Crate
    Friday 28th of April 2017 05:58:00 PM
  • Precious Moments Collector's Club Welcome Kit Review + Unboxing | April 2017
    Precious Moment's Collectors Club is a subscription that sends you a welcome kit and has a year long membership with many benefits such as; FREE personalization for a year, FREE figurine, FREE shipping for a year, 4 FREE quarterly Moments magazines, FREE bangle bracelet, TRIPLE rewards points on all purchases, EXCLUSIVE access to purchase member only figurines. An annual subscription is $59.99*product was received free for review / contains affiliate linksCheck out the unboxy box videoHere's the Box BreakdownOur first glimpse inside the Collector's Club Package. It was super securely packaged. Boxes inside boxes, inside boxes!Everything that we received in the Precious Moment's Collectors Club Welcome Kit. This is an absolutely perfect gift for any collector in your life (ahem MOM!)So what is all this stuff?Our insert explains all the club perks2017 Symbol of Membership$59.99This adorable figurine is the perfect token for spring! Titled "Life's Always Greener with you By My Side" This adorable symbol of membership will make the perfect addition to your collection!The bottom has all the important figurine details on itExclusive Bangle Bracelet with Club Charm$23This gorgeous bangle has inscriptions all along the outside as well as the inside! Additionally, there's a small charm that says, "Club"The inside is inscribed with John 4:17Love One Another PlaqueThis cool hammered pewter plaque has little Precious Moment kids on it and the tree says, "Loving Caring & Sharing" which we think is super sweetThe back is also inscribed. We really loved the hammered appearance of this!So in summaryBecause this isn't our typical subscription we can't break it down the same way we do most others. We can say though, that this is a great gift for any Precious Moments Collector and the savings are amazing. While this only costs $59.99 for the annual membership the total retail value that we receive is $162.90 which is amazing. All of these items are high quality and adorable - it's an excellent way to start your collection or continue it!Check Out Precious Moments Collector's Club
    Friday 28th of April 2017 08:33:00 AM
  • Peace Love + Wine Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | April 2017
    Peace Love + Wine  is a new subscription that is perfect for the creative spirits and wine loving women everywhere! There are couple different subscriptions to choose from; there's a digital coloring page subscription for $9.99 monthly, There's a tealight and essential oil blend subscription for $24.95, the Peace Love + Wine BOHO Box (what we're reviewing today) that contains one wine accessory, one candle and one piece of jewelry and more from different fempreneurs and a portion of the profits go towards different charities for $49.99 and finally the Peaceful Mind Candle Club sends a hand poured candle in a wineglass or upcycled wine bottle along with one mindfulness activity each quarter - billed annually for $159.80Use code BOHO15 to receive 15% OFF your BOHO Box at checkout*product was received free for review / contains affiliate linksCheck out the unboxy box videoHere's the Box BreakdownOur first glimpse inside the Peace Love + Wine BOHO Box. YES... all these colors! What a tease!Everything that we received in the Peace Love + Wine Club Box. The cards asked us to get in touch with our inner mermaid and looking at the items in this box - we can totally see that happening!So what is all this stuff?Our box inserts. One explains the subscription, one this month's featured artisans and the last details each of the items we received in this box!Wildflower Seeded Heart PaperThis little heart is loaded with wildflower seeds. Simply plant it and wait for your pretty blooms!EKP Creations Tea Light Candle Bundle$5This female candle maker is based out of Long Beach, CA and traded in her corporate gig for her dream of making fabulous candles. We received the "Spa Day" scent, which is a pretty mix of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint and MuskKonjac Japanese SpongeWe have been wanting to try one of these for FOREVER. So happy to have gotten one! Our first thoughts about this one is that it is much harder than we imagined! They soften up once you wet them but DANG this was like a stale dinner roll!YAS girls! There it is in all it's glory. Can't wait to see how amazing our skin looks after using this!Three Pine Hill Exclusive Rainbox BraceletThis gorgeous bracelet was made exclusively for the Peace Love + Wine Box!  The chain links are intricate and beautiful and we are just in love!Handmade by Laura Helm - each piece is made with materials from other artists and where possible - fair trade and sustainable. She also donates a portion of her proceeds to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium! Cocktail NapkinsBecause there absolutely is always time for a glass of wine! Break these out the next time your girlfriends pop by and have a laugh about it!PLW Mermaid and Coloring CardGorgeously bound in this multicolored ribbon our two cards for the month are very cool!Our coloring card this month says "Cheers" and has a really fun pattern! And our "Mermaid Dream" notecard is colorful and beautiful. A great way to drop a line to a friend! And of course she is sending peace, love and wine to the surface - what a nice mermaid!Planner StickersYay! A set of planner stickers! These are fun and have an air of summery / patriotic vibes without overdoing it! Can't wait to use these guys!Head BandThis headband keeps your hair from falling in your face while you are coloring! We love the color and how shiny it is! Can never have too many of theseSo in summaryWe look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Peace Love + Wine BOHO Box is a wonderful way to support female owned businesses while also making sure you get a good pamper sesh in each month! The presentation is incredible - everything is packaged beautifully and arrives perfectly! The quality is stellar - seriously this bracelet is to die for and it was a box exclusive which you guys know we go crazy for! The curation is just absolutely EVERYTHING. It goes together so well and it really has that watery, fluid feeling. Such a great first showing for Peace Love + Wine Club!Use code BOHO15 for 15% OFF your first BOHO Box!Check Out Peace Love + Wine 
    Thursday 27th of April 2017 06:41:00 PM
  • Sticker Swaps Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + 50% OFF | March 2017
    Sticker Swaps is a monthly sticker subscription that sends 10 featured stickers from around the globe to your door each month. Subscriptions are $9.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!Use code ASHELI50 for 50% OFF your first subscription*product was received free for review / contains affiliate linksCheck out the unboxy box videoHere's the Box BreakdownEverything that we received in our March Sticker Swaps Subscription. We are in love with all of these stickers!So what is all this stuff?In lieu of a box insert they include a link where we can find out more about each of the stickers we receivedCocorino StickersThree of March's featured stickers are from super talented designer Cocorino. This one is a little apple? Tomato? Either way - cute!This sticker of a hamburger is probably our favorite of the three from this artist. It lends symmetry and geometry to something that typically doesn't have any!The final installment from Cocorino is this cute little character... while Cocorino has worked with brands like Mercedes, Apple and Heineken on designs he is also an icon and character designer as well and this sticker really speaks to that effectKarina RehrbehnThis design from illustrator and comic artist Karina Rehrbehn is pugly? (see what we did there) But seriously who doesn't love a pug. This one is funny in a slightly alarming way!Nolart StickerDesigned by a Netherlands based artist and features a strange little alien that kind of reminds us of Toejam and Earl!Emma Brett StickerLove this skull color wheel! Probably our favorite sticker included in this package!Steve Hind StickerWe weren't aware when we filmed the unboxing but this is called a Moka Pot and pictured here it has mafunctioned! We like the color scheme!Kvachi StickersSUSHI! What more can we say than we love sushi and think this is a clever little sticker trio that kind of makes us hungry. Kvachi's style is colorful and fun - exactly what we want in a sticker!So in summaryWe can't break this down the way we do our typical subscription but we can say that we really love how this subscription is improving with each passing month. The quality is getting better and we really like that they've changed the subscription to include more featured stickers! For $9.99 it can't be beat!Check Out Sticker Swaps
    Thursday 27th of April 2017 11:34:00 AM

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