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    #1 Mommy A to Z

    An exploration of the joys, wonders, and absurdities of motherhood. Or, as I like to call it: Motherhood, Alphabetized. ...
    Neutral Votes 1069 Visits 312 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #2 Not Your Average Mom

    Mom of 7 attempting to maintain order and sanity. ...
    Neutral Votes 443 Visits 343 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #3 It is what it is

    My blog is mostly about life as a single Mom done with my brand of humor. But it is also about life as a daughter, sister and woman learning and... ...
    Neutral Votes 28 Visits 16 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #4 Bleeping Motherhood

    Bleeping Motherhood was invented by 2 moms who believe that laughter is the best medicine. If you choose to laugh, then stay here. If you choose to... ...
    Neutral Votes 21 Visits 29 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #5 Peanut Butter Hair

    Four kids - three boys and a girl - making each day full of sticky fun. There's never a dull moment in this house full of trucks, cowboys,... ...
    Neutral Votes 19 Visits 17 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #6 Sanity Schmanity

    A humorous look at motherhood, marriage and mental illness...with a side of snark. ...
    Neutral Votes 14 Visits 16 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #7 The Spew

    Im not a mommy blogger. Im just a writer who happens to have two babies, a blog and a mission to be number one at something other than yelling at my... ...
    Neutral Votes 12 Visits 19 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #8 Wit & Spit Up

    Mommyhood: chewed up and spit out. A witty blog about motherhood, inspired by the most adorable tiny human on the planet. ...
    Neutral Votes 11 Visits 18 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #9 where the heart is

    I blog about kids, writing, and the embarrassing blunders that make up my life. It will all make sense after a few glasses of wine. ...
    Neutral Votes 10 Visits 6 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #10 Midlife Margaritas

    Not gonna lie, Im here for the drama and the cocktails Wife, Mom Blog Boss.Im on FB too midlife margaritas if youre bored. and Instagram and... ...
    Neutral Votes 5 Visits 9 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #11 Dorky Mom Doodles

    I create adorably bad doodles to highlight the funny moments of my parenting adventures. ...
    Neutral Votes 2 Visits 59 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #12 Life As I See It

    I write about everyday things...from current world events, to celebs to my kids. Most of my writing is sarcastic and funny. Life is best served... ...
    Neutral Votes 2 Visits 7 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #13 SmashleyAshley is written by Ashley Alteman. She is known for her love of dinosaurs, miniature ponies wearing sweaters, and her overuse of... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 8 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #14 The Forgetful Files

    Mom of five, wife of one, just trying to keep it real and remember where I left my teacup. Some days are two clowns short of a circus, but my... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 1 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #15 The Inklings of Life

    Kids, Cats, Coffee and Tatts...And the Colorful Chaos that Comes with Motherhood. Tatted Mom is the author of "Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 4 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #16 One Classy Motha!

    "Wiping noses & @sses since 2003" A stay at home mom offering bad advice, awful tips, and embarrassing family stories- all while drinking wine in her... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 4 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #17 Lulu and Lattes

    Hi. I am Amy Selling. Blogger, writer, avid reader, ravenous eater, fab finder, music lover and gossip disher. I love to give the low down on the 973... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 4 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #18 P.S. Im Mommy

    Candid discussions about being a mom, a wife, and a woman. The struggle is real sometimes, but Im here to deliver a dose of reality to a sugar coated... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 1 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #19 Suburban Luchador

    A humorous blog about my quixotic dadVentures, teacher trials and husbandly heroics. ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 2 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #20 Mlog and Clog

    My hub and I just finished grad school. He's working. I'm trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up and making stick figures to show it. ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 1 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #21 First Time Mom Dad

    Awarded Top 10 Mommy Blog by We are Two Confused Parents with One Amused Kid. Lots of Laughs, Tips, Reviews, Giveaways, DIY More This... ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 2 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #22 Six Pack Mom

    For Sale Masters Degree in English Education, like new. Barely used by overworked, overcaffeinated mom of a bajillion ok, six. SIX. SIX kids. ... ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 4 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #23 Erin Says

    Erin Moronis dynamic and hilarious blog lets you see the world through Erins eyes. This is her R-Rated momwife blog intended only for adults with a... ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 1 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #24 Twin Pickle

    Mom of identical twins with big sister along for the ride... laughing about life with three kids. Comedy, child antics and the odd recipe included ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 1 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #25 Mommy Dish

    Dishing about family and food with a hearty helping of humor. ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 4 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs
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