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    #1 Not Your Average Mom

    Mom of 7 attempting to maintain order and sanity. ...
    Neutral Votes 677 Visits 589 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #2 Mommy A to Z

    An exploration of the joys, wonders, and absurdities of motherhood. Or, as I like to call it: Motherhood, Alphabetized. ...
    Neutral Votes 484 Visits 358 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #3 Real-Life-Mama-Drama

    A mommy blog describing the good, the bad, and the scariness of mommy-hood Details my journey with postpartum depression, and the craziness of now... ...
    Neutral Votes 140 Visits 207 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #4 where the heart is

    I blog about kids, writing, and the embarrassing blunders that make up my life. It will all make sense after a few glasses of wine. ...
    Neutral Votes 48 Visits 27 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #5 It is what it is

    My blog is mostly about life as a single Mom done with my brand of humor. But it is also about life as a daughter, sister and woman learning and... ...
    Neutral Votes 42 Visits 19 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #6 Wit & Spit Up

    Mommyhood: chewed up and spit out. A witty blog about motherhood, inspired by the most adorable tiny human on the planet. ...
    Neutral Votes 28 Visits 22 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #7 Bleeping Motherhood

    Bleeping Motherhood was invented by 2 moms who believe that laughter is the best medicine. If you choose to laugh, then stay here. If you choose to... ...
    Neutral Votes 23 Visits 20 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #8 Peanut Butter Hair

    Four kids - three boys and a girl - making each day full of sticky fun. There's never a dull moment in this house full of trucks, cowboys,... ...
    Neutral Votes 20 Visits 19 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #9 Dorky Mom Doodles

    I create adorably bad doodles to highlight the funny moments of my parenting adventures. ...
    Neutral Votes 15 Visits 14 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #10 SmashleyAshley is written by Ashley Alteman. She is known for her love of dinosaurs, miniature ponies wearing sweaters, and her overuse of... ...
    Neutral Votes 6 Visits 33 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #11 Midlife Margaritas

    Not gonna lie, Im here for the drama and the cocktails Wife, Mom Blog Boss.Im on FB too midlife margaritas if youre bored. and Instagram and... ...
    Neutral Votes 4 Visits 12 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #12 Manic Mumbling

    This all sounded so much better in my head. ...
    Neutral Votes 3 Visits 90 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #13 Erin Says

    Erin Moronis dynamic and hilarious blog lets you see the world through Erins eyes. This is her R-Rated momwife blog intended only for adults with a... ...
    Neutral Votes 3 Visits 8 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #14 First Time Mom Dad

    Awarded Top 10 Mommy Blog by We are Two Confused Parents with One Amused Kid. Lots of Laughs, Tips, Reviews, Giveaways, DIY More This... ...
    Neutral Votes 2 Visits 10 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #15 Six Pack Mom

    For Sale Masters Degree in English Education, like new. Barely used by overworked, overcaffeinated mom of a bajillion ok, six. SIX. SIX kids. ... ...
    Neutral Votes 2 Visits 9 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #16 The Spew

    Im not a mommy blogger. Im just a writer who happens to have two babies, a blog and a mission to be number one at something other than yelling at my... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 12 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #17 The Forgetful Files

    Mom of five, wife of one, just trying to keep it real and remember where I left my teacup. Some days are two clowns short of a circus, but my... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 7 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #18 Quirky Chrissy

    The deliciously ridiculous blog of a cheese-loving, soon-to-be-home-owning, brilliant, Chicago-born writer with aspirations of family, travel and... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 5 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #19 prettyflyforawhitemom

    A platform for my humorous mommy observations, heartfelt renditions, lyrical gangsta renditions and anything else that strikes my fancy. ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 2 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #20 Hollow Tree Ventures

    At HTV you can laugh at my limited parenting expertise and hear all about what drives me batty (sometimes it isn't even the children). ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 3 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #21 The Honest Mommy

    When my son was born, a fellow mother asked me how I was doing. I said, "Great! Motherhood is amazing!" She laughed & said, "It's OK to be honest."... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 12 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #22 A Mother Life

    A Mother Life is about raising great people, then hanging on for dear life while they launch. Eclectic husband, a prodigy film maker Son and gifted... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 2 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #23 Sugar Free Ear Candy

    A humor blog written by Lynsey about her cleverly mundane life as an anxious mom. ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 6 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #24 Mum Guilt

    Im wading my way through motherhood. Some days more successfully than others. My blog is mostly my ramblings about that journey. ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 3 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs

    #25 The Unfit Mom

    Parenting, pregnancy, loss, grief the humour we must maintain through it all. ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 11 Comments | Cat: Humor Blogs
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