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    #1 Raising Fairies and Knights

    a mom of two trying to stay sane while running a household, working part-time from home and looking after her baby, toddler and husband. ...
    Neutral Votes 26 Visits 18 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #2 Oak City Folk

    A journey through DIY, parenthood, and adventures in our 70s era home. ...
    Neutral Votes 14 Visits 19 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #3 Making A Life

    Creating a life filled with crafty adventures. Writing about baking, crafts, kids and my recently removed brain tumor. ...
    Neutral Votes 8 Visits 15 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #4 Sew Very Lovely

    A lifestyle and creativity blog. I share a variety of DIY tutorials from holiday dcor, sewing for you or your little one, and making the most of used... ...
    Neutral Votes 5 Visits 7 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #5 Icefairy's Treasure Chest

    A Multi-tasking Blog Featuring Family Friendly Product Reviews And Giveaways, An Ongoing List Of Freebies And Blog Giveaways, Parenting Tips And... ...
    Neutral Votes 2 Visits 6 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #6 Adventures of Sweet Monday

    These are a few of my favorite things. This is my gratitude journal. A blog about mommy life, all things DIY, the occasional subscription box and... ...
    Neutral Votes 2 Visits 15 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #7 Shawn Bear Scraps

    Welcome to Shawn Bear Scraps! "What is that?" you ask? Well, I am La'Shawn (otherwise known as Shawn Bear). Nice to meet you! I love all things... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 10 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #8 Activities For Kids

    Crafts, recipes, birthday themes, printables and activities for your children. Easy and inexpensive craft ideas for kids. Free printables for... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 13 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #9 TVdesigns

    Crafts and hobbies of all varieties squeezed into the spare time of this working mother of four. ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 23 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #10 At Home With Jen

    Mommy blogger with DIY crafts and allergy-free recipes ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 22 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #11 Sew Wonderfully Jamie

    A mom who loves to be crafty, save money and share it with everyone. ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 20 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs

    #12 Disco Bumblebee

    I help inspire busy women, especially moms, be creative, make learning fun and be their best selves. I do this by sharing easy crafts and projects.... ...
    Neutral Votes 0 Visits 0 Comments | Cat: Crafts & DIY Blogs
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      Need You Tube reviews of ...
      PicturesOnGold is an ecommerce jewelry site specializing in Photo Engraved Lockets.Are you interested in doing a You Tube review...
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      I'd like to really grow my readership, email list, and Pinterest. Pinterest is my main social media focus right now. If you woul...
      I'm blogging from Ohio.
      I'm blogging from Ohio. Maybe I just haven't met the right friends here, but nobody around where I live seems to understand blog...
      I started blogging becaus...
      It's true. I started blogging because I thought I knew what I was doing. You see, I was a blogger from 2011-2014, but life got c...
      hello from your newest ne...
      Hi everyone! I'm new here. My name is Nikki. I'm a busy mom to a 1-year old baby girl and a 3-month baby boy. I blog over at It'...

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