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    #1 Ripped Jeans & Bifcoals

    Unfiltered perspective on life, parenthood and adoption. Easy recipes for busy people. "I don't have all the answers but the question should always... ...
    Neutral Votes 208 Visits 89 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #2 Our Adoption Journeys

    A blog about our two separate journeys through domestic infant adoption which led us to our now 3 year old daughter, Kate, and our newest addition,... ...
    Neutral Votes 87 Visits 79 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    Life With Blondie is a FAB Member#3 Life With Blondie

    I'm the zoo keeper! 7 kids, 5 dogs, a cat, 2 turtles, a cockatiel and a partridge in a pear tree! Ok there's no pear tree, but this journey has everything from ADHD to adoption to surviving teenagers and the age of pimples and becoming a fairy god mother (aka Grandma). ...
    Votes 41 Visits 112 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #4 No Bohn's About It

    Foster care, adoption, birth, and parenthood. You'll find it all here. ...
    Neutral Votes 27 Visits 36 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #5 Greatly Blessed

    I'm a mommy blogger, writing about adoption, large family living, homeschooling, special needs, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I also do book,... ...
    Neutral Votes 11 Visits 21 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #6 The Mommies Reviews

    The Mommies Reviews is a Parenting and General Blog. Where I share parenting tips ad resources. Giveaways and Reviews. Shopping Guide and business... ...
    Neutral Votes 6 Visits 7 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #7 Giggle Giggle Toot Roar

    Blog about living life to the fullest, adoption, and family. Natasha and hubby have twin toddlers through adoption and are waiting to be blessed with... ...
    Neutral Votes 3 Visits 15 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #8 Waiting Quietly

    Hi! I'm Kristen and this is our blog about our journey to expand our family through domestic adoption. We are currently waiting to be matched. This... ...
    Neutral Votes 3 Visits 24 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #9 Adoption Love

    Adoptive momma, Kristen, writes about her and her husband's journey to grow their family through open adoption. ...
    Neutral Votes 2 Visits 16 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

    #10 Fostering Hope

    We transitioned from being a couple to becoming a family of five in just a few short weeks. We are excited to share our joys, struggles, and the... ...
    Neutral Votes 1 Visits 15 Comments | Cat: Adoption Blogs

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