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By continuing you agree to these terms. Advertising sales on Top Mommy Blogs are final and not refundable. 1 time monthly or subscription payment options are available. If you choose a subscription/re-occurring payment, you are responsible to cancel the subscription payments before each billing statement in order to avoid new fees but are not subject to any rate
increases (cancellation instructions here). 

Subscription payments lock in current rates until cancelled. Your ad remains published until you cancel your subscription, at which time your ad will remain published for the remainder of the current
billing cycle. Monthly payment options are not automatically re-billed but are subject to new rates. 

*Shared. Shared spaces rotate from a capped pool of banners in 1 banner space. The banner pool size is capped and is indicated during checkout. New banners are shown during subsequent page refreshes.

^Eligible for mobile display. Due to template constraints, mobile placement may vary and top placement is not guaranteed.

--- Ad tracking is still in testing and may not relate accurate impression count yet. ---